See the First Look of ‘The Fosters’ Season 5B!

The Fosters fans have been biting their nails vigorously waiting for when Freeform’s hit family drama will come back, and we finally have a release date: January 9, 2018!

The show is fast approaching its 100th episode, as the second half of the season continues to tackle issues about immigration and the transgender community. Last we’ve seen the Adams-Foster crew, Callie, A.J. and Ximena left prom to go on the run from ICE, escaping to a church nearby. By this first-look photo above, it doesn’t look good on their end. Hopefully, they can come to some sort of agreement for save Ximena.

Executive producer Joanna Johnson told TVLine about season 5B:

“Callie is struggling with whether to be an activist in her life, or just be more focused on her own success and her own journey. The truth is, like Aaron says in one episode, ‘I don’t think that’s who you are. I think you are someone who, in her heart, cares about others and is an activist.’ But the question is: How can she do that in a way that is not self-destructive?”

We’ll see how Callie can balance both activism and her own self-worth in January.

What are your predictions on season 5B? Leave comments below!


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