See The First Poster for Passengers With Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

We freely admit that we would watch a lot of things in life simply because Jennifer Lawrence is in them. It doesn’t hurt to keep us interested adding Chris Pratt to the mix.

The first poster for their Christmas release, Passengers, has been released. And it is so pretty.

The movie is about a bunch of peeps on the Spaceship Avalon – heading to a new planet. Since – as one would expect- riding a space ship to another planet takes a long time (100 years) – they are in a cryogenic sleep. Only the characters that are played by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt awake after 60 years and they have to deal with being in space and shiz for that long.

The movie also stars Laurence Fishburne, Michael Sheen, Jamie Soricelli and Aurora Perrineau.


Passengers is in theaters December 21st.

Oh ya – there’s also another poster floating around –

Love them both!

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