See The Photos For Episode 9 and 10 of Beyond

This season of Beyond is almost complete and we have to say it’s been a pretty exciting season. We’ve loved it. The photos for episode 9 and 10.

Here’s the synopsis for episode 9, “Out of Darkness” – Holden finally comes face-to-face with the mysterious Frost and is cornered into helping him achieve his dreams. Frost introduces Holden to the aims of Hollow Sky and Holden’s role in their plans. Willa turns to Luke and Jeff for help in rescuing Holden from Hollow Sky’s clutches and has a long awaited reunion with her duplicitous father. Diane confronts Ian with her concerns about his connection to Hollow Sky. Shoemacher sets Yellow Jacket on a new path – toward Charlie.

Here’s the synopsis for episode 10, “Into the Light” – Frost takes great precautions to ensure Holden’s help with his plans. Diane gets an eye-opening look into Tom’s research into Hollow Sky and what they want with Holden. Shoemacher tries to keep Frost on track to reach the Realm, lest they both face repercussions for failure. Holden and Willa come up with a plan to thwart Frost.

Beyond airs Monday’s on The CW.


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