See The Photos for the Pilot and Second Episode of Freeform’s Beyond


We saw Beyond way back at NYCC and have a lot of feelings about it. It’s one of those shows that leaves you with a lot of questions, moments where you are afraid that you missed something. It’s one of those shows that you recognize some of the things that are in it that are similar to other young adult franchises.

But Beyond puts a spin on it in its first episode that leaves you wanting to watch the next episode. You want to figure out what is going on.

We’ll have interviews from NYCC coming this week with the producers and the lead actor. But for now, we leave you with the pictures from the pilot and the second episode,“Tempus Fugit.”

In the first hour, “Pilot,” Holden Matthews miraculously wakes up from a devastating coma to the wonderment of his parents Tom and Diane and younger brother Luke.  But the world has changed since Holden went to sleep, and he now has to navigate being an adult when all he remembers is being a child. At the same time, Holden is experiencing abilities and memories he can’t explain, and a mysterious woman named Willa warns him not to trust those around him. When a sinister stranger attacks Holden and claims he knows about his new powers, Holden is faced with uncovering just what happened to him while he was in a coma.

In the second hour, “Tempus Fugit,” Holden attempts to forget about his recent bizarre encounters and lead a “normal” life. Luke tries to help Holden acclimate to his new surroundings and brings him along to a college party. Holden hits it off with a friendly co-ed, but strange memories of Willa lead to disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, Diane and Tom try to bond with Holden as an adult. 

“Beyond” is a one-hour drama about Holden, a young man who wakes up from a coma after 12 years and discovers new abilities that propel him into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. Now Holden must try and figure out what happened to him during those 12 years; how to survive a world that changed while he was gone; and answer the question, why did this happen to him?

premieres on Freeform, January 2nd. All 10 episodes will be available that day on the Freeform app, Hulu, and On Demand.

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