See The Trailer For Do Over

image002We love movies. We love comedy. We love movies about relationships. We love the idea of a Do Over. Who doesn’t?

To be honest, we love Drew Seeley because of one reason – The Cinderella Story Franchise. Who wouldn’t? You remember the one – with Selena Gomez.

He’s now staring in Do Over and here’s what it’s about –

Sean King’ (Broadway’s “Jersey Boys ” Drew Seeley) takes a trip back to his hometown of Los Angeles to reconnect with the life he left behind before turning into a successful East Coast tech entrepreneur. He finds that while nothing apparently has changed when back in his old stomping grounds and amongst his close group of friends — ‘Anthony’ (Jonathan Bennett from “Mean Girls'”), ‘Angela’ (“Two Broke Girls'” Amy Paffrath), ‘Ryan’ (Zack Lively of “Passions”) and Gina (“Crooked Arrows”” Gina Field) — they realize that they might be missing out on something special in their lives.

‘Sean’ and his crew hope to fix their disconnected, dysfunctional lives by going back in time to their ‘first times’ after the joke of hooking up with the person they lost their virginity to is taken seriously. As they journey down this tragic and humiliating path of recreating the past, each finds, that while they thought they were done with the past, the past isn’t quite done with them, making them question if the life they left behind was better than what they had in front of them.

Movie looks cute, right? The film releases nationwide on October 11th 2016.


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