Seeing Saturday Night Live in Person is an Experience Like No Other


Many wish to hear “Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night” in person but getting to a live taping of Saturday Night Live isn’t glamorous.

When I heard that Chris Pine was going to be on Saturday Night Live, I knew I had to go. Why? Because Chris Pine is my favorite actor and I also love SNL with a burning passion. The problem was, all my kind of connections to the show couldn’t get me tickets.

So guess what I had to do: that’s right, sleep outside for 15 plus hours in a monsoon. No really, that Friday night, New York City was hit with a terrible storm and me and my sleeping bag almost drowned. (The sleeping bag did not survive the weekend.)

Rest in peace, Sleeping Bag.

On Friday, my sleeping bag and I trekked up to 48th between 5th and 6th, parked ourselves down with a friend, and got ready for the night ahead. We played Heads Up, we built a trash bag fort and, more importantly, we realized we were one of like 8 Chris Pine fans there.

No really, it was super strange. The girl at the front of the line was very much a Pine fan. Got there at 10 p.m the night before and was ready for some of the hunk we all love. The girls a group down from us also loved Pine. The problem? I was probably the oldest one and I’m only 25.

So me and my old age sat there staring straight ahead as these girls said they’d loved him since they were 5 and say The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement. I remember being 13 turning 14 and going with my best friends so I’m ancient.

Anyway so we managed to not get taken away by the rain and we didn’t drown either. We did, however, have a man loudly playing electric guitar at 3 in the morning for whatever reason and another man who tried to invite us into his home in the Five Guys across the street.

So while we managed to live our lives to the fullest, we still had a big day ahead of us.

I managed to see Chris that day because my friend was in the same hotel as him and I told him I camped out. The puppy dog that he is was so excited that his assistant literally pulled his arm to get him to go to Saturday Night Live. But I did look into those eyes and survive. Or maybe I didn’t. Maybe I’m dead.

But then I got ready and prepared for the nerve-wracking experience that is not knowing if you got into Saturday Night Live after camping out for hours on end. Really, it’s terrible. They tell you about 65 people usually get in but it all depends on how many people the host brings.

For this occasion, Chris had a lot of people there but because he’s Chris and he seems like an all around amazing guy, most of them didn’t sit in the audience. Like for real, I saw Zachary Quinto (and had to hide my Star Fleet symbol that adorns my denim jacket) and he wasn’t even in the audience.

Watching the show: It’s like on TV but you can see Chris Pine.

Okay basically you’re still watching the show on a television set. They have them all over the room because it’s physically impossible for you to see everything. Like for instance, when Chris punched the window, that was right by me. But a good 75% of the theater couldn’t see it. So they had to watch on TV. LOL suckers, I saw him punch a window in person.

But I did miss most of my favorite sketches from the night because of my seat. I could see most of the Where in the World is Kellyanne Conway? sketch but I missed all of the RuPaul sketch as well as Chris as Shatner’s Captain Kirk.

But truly, there is nothing better than finally sitting in that studio and hearing “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night” for the first time. As someone who has watched the show since I was a baby, it is something I never thought I would do.

My entire family loves SNL and we watch it every week. But getting to be in the audience, especially when it’s your favorite actor, is truly an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Also Chris Pine literally hugs everyone. Every time he emerged before a sketch, we was hugging random people. I don’t know what his deal is, but I like it.

Moral of the Story: SNL is great. Chris Pine is great.

If you have the chance to see your favorite actor do something like Saturday Night Live, do it. Because you’ll have the best weekend of your life. Trust me, I know.

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