‘Sense8’ Cast And Crew Celebrate And Thank Fans For Renewal

Sense8 Celebrate Birthday

Happy belated birthday, Sensates! The August 8th cluster is nearing 30 so just imagine what Lito’s reaction will be when he eventually encounters his first grey hair! Poor Hernando! Jokes aside, Sense8 fans have a reason to celebrate now but it has been quite the summer for Sense8 and its fans.

After a nearly 2 year wait season 2 dropped on May 5th. Then, a little over a month later on June 9th, Netflix announced the cancellation of television’s most progressive show, especially when it comes to LGBTQ issues. Finally, after 20 days of near constant determination from fans which included online campaigns, flip-flops in honor of Lito, and countless angry comments across various social media pages, Netflix announced a renewal on June 29th. Sense8 fans will get closure in the form of a 2 hour series finale some time in 2018.

Sense8 cast at Vancouver Pride

SENSE8 cast at Vancouver Pride 2017

Last weekend at Vancouver Pride some of the Sense8 cast was on hand to celebrate and partake in the festivities. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Vancouver Pride will be featured in the series finale the way São Paulo Pride was featured in the second season but, nonetheless, some great things came out of this celebration.

Brian J. Smith (Will), Max Riemelt (Wolfgang), Toby Onwumere (Capheus), Alfonso Herrera (Hernando), and creator/director Lana Wachowski joined the  festivities and greeted fans. Also during the weekend Smith, Riemelt, Onwumere, and Wachowski did a quick little Facebook fan Q&A during their Vancouver jaunt. Herrera was absent from the Q&A presumably because he’s currently filming season 2 of The Exorcist coincidentally in Vancouver. The Q&A mostly consisted of Wachowski and the cast saying thank you to fans and sharing their experiences being involved with this type of show. When they started to answer some questions there was one question in particular that seemed to come up a lot. Is Wolfgang going to be OK? “Send money to keep Wolfgang alive,” Wachowski said playfully referring to Wolfgang’s dire situation at the end of season 2. Wachowski then switched gears a bit and revealed that she’s actually writing a third season. Only time, and Netflix, will tell if that previously announced series finale will end up being just that or if it will be a special, like the Christmas special in the lead up to season 2.

Potential season news and Q&A aside, perhaps the best gift to come out of Vancouver Pride and the sensates birthday was the “Happy Birthday Sensate Thank You Video”. In true Sense8 fashion Wachowski talks about people, differences, life, improbability (mostly the improbability of Sense8 being canceled and then being renewed), and then turns the camera over to the many varied people responsible for bringing this show to life. Featuring “thank you’s” from cast and crew around the globe including the rest of the Sense8 cluster –  Tuppence Middleton (Riley), Jamie Clayton (Nomi), Miguel Silvestre (Lito), Tina Desai (Kala), and Doona Bae (Sun).

As if fans didn’t cry enough throughout the last 2 seasons that Thank You video is sure to unleash a healthy cry sesh!

Season 2 left fans with a lot of questions. Will the cluster find and save Wolfgang? Does Kala fulfill her rendezvous dream with Wolfgang? Will Sun truly confront her brother and find love with Mun? Can Riley and Will go on a normal date? What would a sensate wedding look like for Nomi and Amanita?

Here’s hoping there are even more happy tears than sad ones when season 3, oops!, the series finale is released on Netflix sometime in 2018.

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