Six Life Lessons from ‘The Choice’ Trailer

Nicholas Sparks is at it again and is about to pull at our heartstrings on the big screen. The Choice which will follow the story of Travis and Gabby two neighbors who end up falling in love. The story will take us through the events of a lifetime and the choices that created them. So in honor of The Choice we’ve curated our top six life lessons from the trailer.

“I’m about to tell you the secret to life, see, the whole damn thing is about choices”

The trailer begins with Travis telling us his secret to life: it’s all about choices. Which is true everything you do is going to affect what happens next in your life. Crossroads, two doors, the idea goes by many names, all of them just as intimidating and this choice looks like it’s going to be a big one.


 The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways

And it’s dead-set on pushing people together. Maybe it’s your dog knocking up her dog, who knows. Sometimes the universe works in funny ways, but its working for a reason.


Sometimes Your Family Knows Best

When you think about it’s your family knows you better than anybody ever will. Naturally they’re going to know you the best. 


 “My Friends Like You Better Than They Like Me”

We all have that friend, the friend that out shows you at everything. You take them to karaoke and they chuckle and say that “they’re going to do horrible” but then they end up singing Adele’s Hello perfectly. No matter what there’s always going to be someone in your life who outdoes you, but it’s okay because one day you’ll be that person for someone else.


“Swallow Your Pride”

You might think that you’re always right, but I have to break it to you sometimes your very,very wrong. I get how hard it can be to admit that your in the wrong. We have all had that moment in our life when we were dead set in our beliefs and convinced that there was nothing that could stop us.


 Come Bother Me

It’s a strange thing missing somebody. You start remembering the things they did, even the things that bothered you to know end and you miss them. It looks like Gabby is going to get into an accident and Travis is going to have to


You can watch The Choice in theaters on February 5th, but until then watch the trailer below:

Madeline Potts is a Sophomore Journalism student and lover of tea, ginger cats and Comic Con. She once got in a fight with Steven Moffat.