‘Shadowhunters’ Releases Three Deleted Scenes

The final season of Shadowhunters is right around the corner, and we’re not gonna be sorry that it’s gone. Hopefully they end the series on a high note and not that ridiculousness that has been the past three seasons.

Freeform released some deleted scenes, and we have to admit at first we thought that they were releasing the entire series – because it should all be deleted.

As usual they add nothing, like 4 out of 5 of every scene filmed.

Clary being interrogated by Shadowhunter Consul Jia Pennhallow.

Izzy uses her charm to win over Lorenzo Rey

Magnus hanging out in Alec’s office

Shadowhunters is set to return February 25, 2019. The season will wrap up with a 2 hour series finale.

Are you excited for The Final Hunt?