The Silver Sable, Black Cat Movie Lands ‘Secret Life of Bees’ Director


The Secret Life of Bees’s Gina Prince-Bythewood will direct a Silver Sable and Black Cat spinoff in Sony’s “Spiderman-less” universe following the upcoming Venom film starring Tom Hardy.

Prince-Bythewood, who directed the pilot for Freeform’s Cloake and Dagger Series, is in negotiations to direct the film and rewrite the screenplay previously written by Thor: Ragnarok’s Christopher Yost.

With Wonder Woman’s release upon us, this is wonderful news for the superhero universe. Prince-Bythewood will be only the second woman to helm a Marvel superhero film on her own and the first African American woman to do so. This is so incredibly important to the future of our comic book films so that we have different voices in the director’s chair.

Black Cat and Silver Sable will be tough sells to audiences, especially if Spider-man will not be included in this universe. In the comics, Silver Sable is a mercenary who runs that company that hunts war criminals; Black Cat is a burglar named Felicia Hardy (who briefly appeared in The Amazing Spider-man 2).

It’ll be interesting to see how this film (and universe in general) will fare without a huge superhero name included. It’s a huge risk on Sony’s part, but they’re already on the right track by hiring a woman of color to take the job.

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