The ‘Simon vs The Homo Sapiens’ Adaptation Gets A New Name

Though we’re not sure why it needed one, the Simon vs The Homo Sapiens has a new title. The book is smart, witty, and yes, the title is a mouthful – but we were a little shocked that the title was changing.

Author Becky Albertti took to twitter to address the news of the name change from Simon vs The Homo Sapiens to Love, Simon.

“I know some of you might be confused about this change and why it happened. Long story short, it’s fairly common for studios to do this,” she tweeted. “Authors don’t title movies, but I’m pretty thrilled with this one. The movie feels like a love letter. Now the title does too.”

We do love that she addressed the issues with the name change. Some fans were confused as to why it was happening, but I know we appreciate hearing from Becky.

Love, Simon hits theaters on March 16, 2018.

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