‘Siren’ 1×06 Review: “Showdown”


Welcome Back, Siren Fans!  A lot went down in tonight’s episode and  several plot points were revealed.  Siren is finding its groove, story wise and if they keep this up, they might get a season 2.  Ryn, gives us a much needed backstory on her sister Donna, and Baddie try to save the world, one mermaid at a time.  There’s  a lot to unpack, and if you blink you might have missed something, so try and keep up.  Of course el stupido Chris makes an appearance, because he’s the real focal point of this show. (Major eye roll and gum popping here) Lets, D I V E  in, shall we.

We start off with Ryn telling Ben and Maddie that Donna took care of her after their mother died.  We also find out that Donna prefers to hunt at night, so of course she leaves Helen’s house to get some grub, but unbeknownst to her, the scientist is hot on her trial and he tracks her to the fishery where she goes in search of food. Donna gets away though because the scientist can’t outrun her. Back and Baddies’s house, Ryn is eating a large platter of fish curtesy of Ben, but she is sad,  because her and Donna are at odds with each other.  Sister relationships are hard to navigate sometimes, I totally understand Ryn.  She gets cheered up though, by kissing Ben and tells him she loves him.  Don’t get too excited though,  as she has no idea what she did!  She just mimicked what she watched Maddie do before Ben left for work.  The looks Baddie exchanged afterwards were priceless.

Meanwhile,  Ben tries to convince his dad to sell their fish to Whole Foods instead of Kroger because we all know “the high end” grocery stores will give them a better profit margin.  Ben’s dad says he’ll think about it,  but first Ben has to come to his mothers house party.  Ben is pissy and is like “No!” sell  our fish to Whole Foods and his dad is like “Your mother got turned down by another clinical trial so she’s sad, and she can’t walk, come to her party and cheer her up!”  Wow, way to manipulate your son, daddy dearest.

Elsewhere in BC, Ryn and Donna try to work out their sibling rivalry back in Helen’s apartment.  Helen says, please work it out but don’t tear my shit up.  Maddie senses something is up with Helen and tells her to stop keeping secrets from them, Helen says she can do what she wants, and Maddie is not the boss of anyone but herself.  Mic drop.  I do hope we learn more about Helen’s mermaid past though, so keep on digging Maddie.

Side Note: There  is one cop in this town (not Maddie’s dad) who is sees a connection between Ryn and her sister based on the witness sightings and drawings. She seems determined to figure out what is going on in town ever since they arrived. I think she might spell trouble for the sisters.

Guess who is Still DumbCHRIS.  He sees the scientist drive by his work all creeper like, and he tells his friends, that’s the doctor from the hospital.  Then he exclaims out loud, “I wonder why he is here? Why did he follow me all the way from Alaska?”  I yelled so many explicatives! Like choice ones guys.  At this point, even Chris’s friends are like, dude, seriously how are you still alive?Guess who’s not so dumb? Chris’s bearded friend, Xander.  He tells Ben, over drinks at a bar, that he knows why the scientist is here in town, he’s looking for the MERMAID!  Say Whaaaaaaa? Ben was shocked, and so was I.  Has Xander been playing us the  entire time?  Also, he looks weirdly related to Helen?  Hmmmmm, my mind is surging with theories!

Ben and Maddie attend his mom’s party, but are surprised to find out his mom invited the scientist who is chasing Donna.  This guy is showing up EVERYWHERE!  Turns out he has studied mermaids since the 90’s and has been using their stem cells to help mice walk again.  Ben’s mom is like do it to meeeeeeeee! Ben looks worried tho, he wants his mom to walk again, but he won’t kill Ryn or Donna to do it.  Ben later confronts the scientist, and tells him to call off whatever action the government has him taking to starve the mermaids and kill the other marine life.  He tells the scientist that he knows Donna sung her siren song to him and now he can’t get her out of his head, Ben says, its like a drug you want more of.  GUYS! I KNEW THE SIREN SONG WOULD COME BACK INTO PLAY!

“This is the one song everyone
would like to learn: the song
that is irresistible:

the song that forces men
to leap overboard in squadrons
even though they see the beached skulls

the song nobody knows
because anyone who has heard it
is dead, and the others can’t remember.”Siren Song , Margaret Atwood 

Xander, comes out of nowhere and confronts the scientist about Donna, he says “Hey why you still MY mermaid?”  Then he really starts to put the pieces together  says ” I think the nurse that rode with Chris, is the mermaid!”  Ok, seriously, has Xander been playing everyone, these entire 6 episodes?  How does he know so much about Mermaids?  I’m calling it now, he’s Helen’s son or her nephew or something.  He has to be.  Their argument is short lived though, because Donna and Ryn start singing in unison and it calls both Ben and the scientist into the woods.  Ryn and Donna have a death cage battle and attack the scientist but Ben intervenes and stops them from killing him.  They make a deal with him, if he calls off the Navy’s boats and save the other mermaids, they will let him live.  He agrees but its too late, the Navy says they are not calling off the mission.  Donna’s pissed, and tosses him into a tree,  he is pretty wounded.  Dude, Donna is SO OVER, BC!  She is like everyone is trying to kill us, WTF Ryn?  Blood is thicker than humans! Stay your ass in the water girl!  Donna leaves Ryn on the side of the road, and tells her to go back to her humans.  Ryn is devastated but vows not to let Donna kill anyone else.  Helen’s son, err um,  Xander,  sees Donna jump off the pier and transform into a Mermaid and of course he wants to find her again.  Oh these men! Don’t they understand that you can’t just take something because it intrigues you and its beautiful to look at.  It doesn’t belong to YOU!  Seriously, how many times has Donna been like, hard pass for me guys, and the men are like ummmm so is hard pass is another word for YES?  Its’ a bit metaphorical this episode.. But I won’t get into philosophy of it all tonight.  Ryn decides to go after Donna, and is about to jump off the pier, when suddenly the smart cop from earlier shows up, and tells her not to do it or she’ll shoot!  Uh-oh! Ryn can’t catch a break tonight, she hisses and the episode fades to black.


  • I need Helens’ backstory! Who took her out of the water? How is she still alive? What does she remember about being a Siren? Can she still sing?
  • How did Ryn and Donna’s mom die?
  • How is Chris still alive?
  • Where are all these other Sirens?
  • Maddie’s dad has been absent since episode 2, I don’t miss seeing him
  • You think the sushi is good in BC?
  • Sirens hate sound a tea kettle makes, I do too actually
  • The Siren song puts the prey in a trance almost like a vampire stare would (Think Le-stat from Interview with the Vampire) Interesting connection there, and we’ll discuss it more next week
  • Donna says she will always hunt humans,  good or bad.  So does this mean she will eat a toddler too? Like what if one is just splashing around in her territory, having a grand ol’ time,  will she just nab it? Cuz that’s not cool.
  • They should have Ryn watch the movie Splash
  • Transforming back into a Siren looks hella painful and Ryn always looks hesitant to do it
  • Do Sirens have a weakness like werewolf’s or vampires?

Siren airs Thursdays 8/7c on Freeform.

Hit me with your comments below, what did you think of tonight’s episode?



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