Six Life Lessons From the ‘Nerve’ Trailer

This summer will see the premiere of Nerve, a movie based on the bestselling book by Jeanne Ryan. Starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, Nerve follows the lives of two teenagers who find themselves stuck in a dangerous online game. In honor of the movie’s epic trailer, we’re counting down our top 6 life lessons.

Take Risks

Just like Vee you should take risks. Life is no fun unless you spice it up a little bit. we’re not saying that you should risk your life for a game, maybe just try a new restaurant or something.

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It’s Okay To Say No

Seriously, if you don’t want to do something DON’T DO IT. It might feel like you have to say yes to everything but trust us you don’t. Don’t let your friends or anyone pressure you into doing something that makes you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or even just weird. Vee felt uneasy about playing Nerve and was convinced by her friends that it was a good idea. From the trailer, it looks like Vee might have been right about her initial feelings for the game. giphy (1)

Not Everything Goes As Planned

Not everything is going to go as you planned it to. Sometimes you have to just go with the flow. Even if life doesn’t turn out exactly how you think it will, your still going to have amazing stories at the end of the day.

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You Only Live Once

No matter how cliche the phrase is, it’s still true. You only get one life, so use your time wisely. You should take risks and live ever moment with passion. Vee may not be making the best decisions but she is having fun along the way.


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“Let’s See What Else Happens.”

Sometimes you just have to wait and see what’s going to happen. If Vee would’ve walked away she may not have ever had the adventure of a lifetime.

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Nerve hits theaters on July 27th.

Madeline Potts is a Sophomore Journalism student and lover of tea, ginger cats and Comic Con. She once got in a fight with Steven Moffat.