Smithfield Gets Personal With “Hey Whiskey”

Since forming 7 years ago, country duo Smithfield has formed a solid fanbase, while the genre has been slowly embracing them. The duo has resonated well with audiences and are coming into their own as a duo that’s about to take the world by storm. The possibilities for Smithfield are endless and the beginning starts with their breakout single “Hey Whiskey”.

With Spotify and Sirius XM championing them, it’s only a matter of time before we see them headlining their own shows and winning the awards that so often belong to other artists. “Hey Whiskey” is just as powerful as it is fierce, and their recent success with the song proves just that. The track has been called a “Highway Find” on Sirius XM’s the Highway, and now the song is about to heard by millions across the country as it makes its debut on the radio.

We had the time to catch up with Jenn and Trey to chat about “Hey Whiskey,” the song hitting radio and what’s next for the duo. Check out the interview below:

FANGIRLISH: ‘Hey Whiskey” isn’t a song we hear very often on the radio. Can you talk about penning the song? What was the process like? 

 Smithfield: We think that’s a good thing! We want it to stand out! “Hey Whiskey” was a title Jenn brought into the co-write. The thought and idea was “You only miss me after whiskey, you only want me when you’re gone”. Our co-writers did not want to write it at first because there were already so many songs in country music about whiskey. Then Trey began to play the melody on the guitar. As a team, we began to talk about how we could make this song different and write it from an angle no one had heard before. 4 hours later “Hey Whiskey” was born.

FANGIRLISH: It seems that in the song, there’s more of blaming the bottle of whiskey rather than the man cheating. Who came up with that concept? 

Smithfield: Absolutely. That is exactly how we wanted to write it. So often you hear the guy get blamed, but in this song, it’s unique to hear the female actually be mad at the substance and heartbroken over whiskey and what it does to the man she loves. The concept was a collective effort by us and our co-writer Adam Wood. Teamwork makes the dream work! That day in the writer’s room was magic.

FANGIRLISH: What is a lyric from the song that resonates most with you guys right now in your life? 

Smithfield:“why am I the one that ends up feeling empty”.

FANGIRLISH: Vocally, there are a lot of outstanding moments throughout the track. What are sobme of your favorite moments to sing vocally on the song? Are there ever times where you find some moments vocally challenging?

Smithfield: We love it when we get to the broken down part in the bridge of the song. It’s the part we always hear everyone sing along to with us so loud, and there is nothing cooler for us than that moment. The most challenging vocally is right after that broken down part where we both have to hit that high note on “Hey Bourbon” going back to that last chorus.

FANGIRLISH: The song is hitting country radio this Spring. What are you most looking forward to about it finally being played on the radio? 

Smithfield: We are looking forward to new fans discovering it! It has been around for a bit now on major platforms, but never on the terrestrial radio. It’s a special song and deserves to be heard by millions. We can’t wait to see more people singing along with us at our shows and her the response from country radio!

FANGIRLISH: Your fans seem to gravitate to the song more than anything. What are some incredible fans stories you have heard because of “Hey Whiskey” and its story? 

Smithfield: Our fans are the reason we even cut “Hey Whiskey” in the studio. We didn’t play it out for over a year after we wrote it because our label at the time didn’t believe people would get this song. But when we started to play it out at every show fans responded to it the most. We knew we had to put it on our record. And now that it’s out, so many people have shared with us that that was their own personal story and that it touched them or made them cry hearing it. Men and Women on both sides have shared they have gone through this! It’s crazy!

FANGIRLISH: Have you two ever had a “Hey Whiskey” story? 

Smithfield: We have both experienced the same level of heartbreak like the girl in this song for sure, but never to the actual substance of whiskey. However, both of us have had a personal friend who has gone through this so we know firsthand what it’s like.

FANGIRLISH: Are you working on a follow-up to “Hey Whiskey”? What’s next for you guys? 

Smithfield: Absolutely! Although “Hey Whiskey” is a tough one to follow up! We feel it’s one of our best songs to date that we have written. But also feel that our new music ( coming this year hopefully by the summer/early fall) will be something fans will love and we will love just as much as “Hey Whiskey” just as much!
You can learn more about Smithfield by heading over to their website and following them on Instagram