Sneak peek inside chapter 1 of ‘Arrow: Season 2.5’ comic

Arrow season 3 might still be 40 days away, but fans can still get their fix of Team Arrow in the digital tie-in comic Arrow: Season 2.5. From Arrow writers Marc Guggenheim and Keto Shimizou, find out what happened during the five months after the season finale leading up to the season premiere on Oct. 8.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Guggenheim and Shimizou, as well as shared a sneak peek from the first chapter of the comic that hits Comixology on Monday.

“Essentially what we’re doing is, we’re telling a story between two sets of episodes,” Guggenheim explains about the series, which is set during the five month gap between the second and third seasons of the CW series. “Season 3 is designed to stand on its own feet without requiring anyone to do any outside reading, but what the comic book will give is a deeper appreciation for some of the moments [in the show], and a more complete narrative experience. If you want to go deeper into the story, that’s what Season 2.5 is for.”

Here’s the sneak peek (and it seems likely that we’ve just got a peek at the season 3 opening monologue in the first bit below):






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