A Sneak Peek At Our ‘Leviosa Con’ Schedule

This weekend (July 7-10) Fangirlish will be visiting Leviosa Con in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Harry Potter convention will have everything from a magical ball to a screening of The Spell Tutors. With guests like Victoria Aveyard (Red Queen), Susan Dennard (TruthWitch), The Hillywood Show, and Chris Rankin (Harry Potter) the convention is bound to be a success. So in anticipation of this weekend’s festivities, we’re giving you a sneak peak at our con schedule. 

Friday: July 8th

Cris Rankin Q&A: We’re more than excited to to talk to a real life Weasley. On Friday Chris Rankin will be holding a Q&A, and fans will have a chance to ask all the burning questions they’ve had about Harry Potter filming and life as a Weasley. We’ll be sure to ask him what it’s like to be a Prefect at Hogwarts.


The Spell Tutor Screening: Our favorite Harry Potter based web series is heading to Leviosa and they’ll be bringing some special footage from season two! We can’t wait to binge watch the first season with some of the cast and crew.


Saturday: July 9th

Psychology of Harry Potter: From PTSD to bullying, the Harry Potter books tackle many different adverse situations. Dr. Janina Scarlet (author of Superhero Therapy) and Vladimir Snape will head a discussion on how the books can help fans understand and tackle their own dementors.

Fandom Flirting: Saturday afternoon Olivia Dolphin (Wizards in Space lit mag) and Youtuber Mark Oshiro will be discussing internet relationships. What happens when you meet that cutie you’ve been IMing IRL? What should you do upon your first meeting? Olivia and Mark will explain how to get past the awkwardness when first meeting your fandom crush.


Sunday: July 10th

The Boob Tube: When Fannish Women Infiltrate TV Writers’ Rooms: What happens when fangirls enter the TV writing room? Aziza Aba Butain and Lilah Vandenburgh will discuss how fangirls are changing the way we watch television and storytelling. How are our favorite TV shows changing with a little estrogen in the room?

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You can purchase tickets for Leviosa Con at the convention doors.

Madeline Potts is a Sophomore Journalism student and lover of tea, ginger cats and Comic Con. She once got in a fight with Steven Moffat.