Sneak Peek of “The Alex Crow” by Andrew Smith aka @marburyjack + Giveaway

Grasshopper Jungle and 100 Sideways Miles, the latest published additions to Andrew Smith‘s growing bibliography put “turning adult” under the microscope creating an absurdist angle to the whole ordeal. And yeah, who doesn’t have that life altering moment where the realization sinks in and childhood no longer is a viable option but adulthood seems like a ridiculous farce even for the adults raising you. Hmmm… yeah… Andrew Smith knows this feeling and you will come away from his books, tears rolling down your cheeks from empathy and laughter and wonder why you haven’t read him before.

I suggest starting with Winger (now out in paperback). And the Fangirlish review for 100 Sideways Miles will be coming soon but will recommend it highly here as a starter novel too.

And while Smith is racking in the awards and movie deals (Grasshopper Jungle so far); he is quickly becoming a publishing powerhouse with how quick he delivers the written word in novel form. Two novels for 2014 and now The Alex Crow due out March 3, 2015 and that’s quite the turnaround for a published author nowadays.

Here you go though… sneak peek through excerpt and cover reveal (above):

prologue: Here Is a Pinwheel

“Here, kitty-kitty.”

The cat had a name—Alex—but General Parviz always called him in the same generic manner. General Parviz, all gilded epaulets and clinking medals, a breathing propaganda poster, repeated, cooing, “Here, kitty-kitty.”

The Alex cat, a six-toed Manx, an official gift from the Hemingway estate and the people of the United States of America, swept its head from side to side, walking slow like a drowsy lion. The cat paused at the general’s slippered feet as though considering whether or not it actually wanted to jump up into General Parviz’s lap. The general patted his thigh softly, beckoning.


The cat leapt soundlessly. Then cat, general, palace, bodyguards, and approximately one- third the territory of the capital city blew up. Here, kitty-kitty.


Also, Fangirlish is giving away two Andrew Smith ARCs (Grasshopper Jungle and 100 Sideways Miles) here. Comment Below about why you would like to win these two ARCs and you will be entered. Best of luck everybody! (Winner will be chosen and announced November 4th when the Fangirlish review of 100 Sideways Miles goes live.)


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  • Erin F

    these sound awesome!!! Thanks so much for a fun giveway!

    • No problem. Glad to giveaway books. We enjoy Andrew Smith’s writing and cannot wait to read this one!

  • Jason

    Okay. I don’t think there’s much need to go into detail about the amazingness of Andrew Smith’s writing, because it is just a FACT that whatever words that come out of his brain and onto paper are going to be amazing.
    Why I would like to win an ARC? I read Grasshopper Jungle when the library bought a copy, and it honestly did change my life. I had read Winger a couple months previously and was eagerly awaiting for GJ’s publication. I had never read a book quite as… expansive and breaking-the-boundaries as this book, especially in modern publishing.
    And now I am in dire need to read 100 Sideways Miles. I already asked the library to place an order, but I don’t think I can wait any longer!
    Thanks for this giveaway, by the way :)

    • Winger is my favorite! Definitely life-changing writing. Glad you stopped by to share your appreciation of Andrew Smith’s works. Good luck!

  • Lisa Loves Lit

    I loved Grasshopper Jungle, and really need to read 100 Sideways Miles. Plus I really want to get them and put them in my high school library so my students can read them!

    • Oh yeah! These books would be fantastic in a high school library. Thanks for stopping by and entering. Good luck!

    • You have won the two ARCs! Congratulations. Please send me your name and address at and I will send them out right away. Thanks.

      • Lisa Loves Lit

        Yay! So Excited! Thanks! I’ll go send my information right now!

        • Got it. The books went out today. Expect them in 7-10 days. :)

  • Nicole Myers

    This has me so excited for his next work of art. Andrew, you are the bomb.
    A book about a kitty? Yes, please!

    • LOL! It’s all about the kitty! Andrew Smith is definitely an author everyone should get to read. Thanks for stopping by and entering. Good luck!

  • Jon12058

    I absolutely love Winger and Andrew Smith’s writing in general! He’s one of my all-time favorite authors and I can’t wait for The Alex Crow.

    • Yeah, Winger is my favorite too! Andrew Smith knows how to write a great novel, for sure. Thanks for stopping by and entering. Good luck!

  • I so cannot wait till this is here!!!

    • Me neither! It will be amazing!

      Good luck!

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  • Thank you everyone who stopped by and commented. A winner has been chosen and the ARCs have been sent out.

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