So, Demi Lovato’s Video Makes Us Feel the Feels


Damn you Demi Lovato and your making us feel all the feels.

Well not really, cause they say feeling is emotionally healthy, and we love all that stuff. But give a girl a little warning, cause we didn’t expect the video for Nightingale, and the fact that our mascara then decided to run like it was in the Olympics.

The song, is about a friend that Demi lost to suicide. Having lost people in our lives to suicide, we can’t even express just how the song touches us and gets to exactly what we wish that we could say.

The video – all in black and white – shows Demi traveling around the world and interacting with her fans. She’s never made a secret that the fans change her life, and in this video, you can see just how much she’s affected by their greatness.

What do you think of the video?

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