So Harry Styles Isn’t Dating A Supermodel?

250480_600 Oh Harry Styles you are so cute. Don’t care who you are dating and if you are dating a Supermodel I think it’s adorable. If you are friends with her, good for you.

Harry Styles has exclusively told MTV News UK that model Cara Delevingne is not his girlfriend.

The One Direction star was at Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2014 show as part of London Fashion Week, where he wore the brand’s leopard print t-shirt and was ready to watch Cara – who he is rumoured to be dating – strut her stuff on the catwalk.

MTV News presenter Becca Dudley asked Harry: “Are you looking forward to seeing your girl Cara walking down the runway?”

To which the 19-year-old responded: “She’s not my girl! I know what you’re doing…”

Becca also asked Styles what he thinks it is about the Burberry stunner that makes everyone go so crazy for her.

Harry replied: “It’s probably them eyebrows, yeah, probably them.”

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