So, the ‘Steal My Girl’ Video Really Confuses Us…

We know, we know – you love the Steal My Girl video. We love the song. We’re diehard fans. BUT- WE DON’T GET IT.

Little Things Video – totally got it.

What Makes You Beautiful – yup, understood.

You & I – creeped us, but we got it.

Steal My Girl – totally confused and wondering if we missed the release of some sort of medication that makes us understand it.

We just don’t understand the over the top circus that is going on in Steal My Girl.

Now before you tell us to stop with the haterade, hear us out. We just think that the video could have been simpler – them singing and spending time with a girl and just living life.

Here’s our huh and our okay we liked that moments. And don’t worry, we’ll explain them.

1- Why are we throwing yellow paint on the big guy? What did he do? I mean, I get it – he was bouncing Zayn off his stomach, but Zayn stood there and let that happen – so I am just not sure what that is.


2- Why are we playing bounce Zayn back and forth? Reference #1 for more things we don’t understand about Zayn with the Sumo wrestlers. Also why is dude hula hooping in the background?


3- When did this become an ode to the Shake It Off video? Cause I really ship Haylor and want them back together. Is this a call for help? Do we arrange an intervention and get them back together? Cause he’s saying “She belongs to me”… does she?

4- What is Zayn trying to touch with his yellow hand?


5 – Did I miss when Liam’s “deep thinking” face made him powerful? I mean am I confused? Does he radiate power, cause I would have gone with sex appeal. He radiates sex appeal.onedirectionwr

6 – Where is the marching band? I am pretty sure that there is supposed to be one. Or are you training for the army?
7 – Did they change their name to Wet Direction?
8 – I am way confused. What is this? Is he having a seizure?

9- Am I imagining things or did he really cut his hair? Cause that is a better look. We approve. Also when did he become “Danger”. Danger of what? Wearing the same underwear two days in a row?
10 – What’s with the leopard jacket? Did someone not look at what he was wearing? Was it meant to be the lining of a jacket and someone forgot to put the outside?
11 – Damnit, I converted. #NiallForever

12 – This is the best thing ever. We have no complaints. We love this. Thank you.
13 – This is sexy. We approve of Zayn’s deep thoughts and will overlook the head band.
14 – What is the chimp for? He’s cute and all, but he adds to the video, HOW? I am so confused.

15 – What is with all the balloons? Why are they there? Couldn’t we have had a romantic sunset or something? onedirection31
16- And we circle back – seriously, was this an ode to #Haylor?

Now, before you all get mad at us – you know you have questions too. We approve anything where we get to stare at their beautiful faces, but as many times as we have watched this, we just don’t understand.

See the entire video below.

*all gifs were found on Tumblr by searching ‘Steal My Girl’


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