Soccer Aid 2016 : Tomlinson vs Horan as England Takes on ROTW

Cj4lZ8yWUAADI5x.jpg-smallThe lead up to Soccer Aid 2016 was just as exciting as the game itself…or at least it was for fans of One Directions Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. The two band mates wasted no time, once announced they would be on opposing teams, throwing out a little pre game trash talk. Of course, this only heightened the excitement for the UNICEF charity game, which took place June 5.


Held at Old Trafford, England faced off against The Rest of the World. Tomlinson on the England team, against Horan on the ROTW team, fans of 1D and footie alike were anticipating this match up.


Things started a little awkward, mind you, while during warm up ex-band mate Zayn Maliks hit ‘Pillow Talk’ played overhead. Talk about a little pre-game tension…RTRMADP_England-XI_2913190a


The first half seemed dominated by England, with XFactor alum Olly Murs making having a very ‘hit and miss’ kind of game. Even many of the pros had a tough game, with Jermain Defoe struggling to find the back of the net as well.


In the end, England overtook the Rest of the World, in a 3-2 finish. TV personality Mark Wright, took home man-of-the-match, only the fifth celebrity to ever secure a goal in the matches history.


Of course, in terms of One Direction, Tomlinson had this to say:


1465152950788_lc_galleryImage_MANCHESTER_ENGLAND_JUNE_0“I have advertised myself as an amazing footballer in One Direction, theres not many great footballers in One Direction so that’s why.”



For those waiting for Tomlinson and Horan to actually play in the game, they had a long wait. The last fifteen minutes, to be exact. But during that short time, despite being on opposite teams, the two gravitated towards each other, laughing and messing about, just like they are known for. For 1D fans, it set them a twitter.


The event raised more than 5 million pound for charity.

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