Some Highlight’s From the #OneDirection Television Special

If I was to tell you I was shocked that critics panned the One Direction Christmas special, we both know that would be a lie. People always have shit to say about things that they don’t understand and I can understand that. But the purpose of the special was not to entertain those that weren’t Directioners. It was to be there for those that aren’t able to see the impact that “boy bands” have around the world.

I will say that I know that was entertained. I enjoy seeing behind the scenes stuff. I enjoy rejoicing in the known and the unknown. I enjoy laughter.

And the boys that I love, well – they delivered on that for me.

So for that I am grateful.

Here’s some of what you may have missed.

On recording FOUR –

Surprising Fans –

Bread Van Pimping –

Girl Almighty –

Roller Coaster Riding –

Did you catch the One Direction special? What did you think?


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