Spring Break Alternatives


Hang in there, because Spring Break is almost here! That means the beaches, party cities, and theme parks will see a spike of visitors ready for a week of fun with family and friends. But what if you’re up for the fun, but not for the crowds? Let’s consider a few alternatives to your usual Spring Break:

  1. Staycation: Wherever you live, if you take the time to research and/or explore, you can find a place you’ve never been to. Maybe it’s new. Maybe you always wanted to go but never did. How about day over Spring Break you go somewhere new? It could be a newly renovated movie theater, a different restaurant that your palate usually likes, a natural wonder you always drive by but never go into. You could splurge and spend a night in a hotel, hanging out in the pool, tub, at the bar.  Our environments are ever-changing and so are we — so take this time to look at your town with new eyes!

  2. Visit a friend: Do you have that friend who you are always saying to him, her, and yourself — “I have to come visit you”? Well — here’s your chance! Along with the usual fun of traveling, you get to reconnect with an old friend.
  3. Small towns tour: One of my friends told me last week that she and her family just planned a 10-day trip of coastal cities in Florida. She explained to me that it included stops that she always wanted to to visit, but didn’t want to dedicate an entire trip to. I love this idea! Another friend just told me about a small town in Georgia that she visited which looks and feels exactly like a small German town. I want to go so badly! Speaking of Georgia…
  4. Set visits: I couldn’t be writing a travel article on a page for fan girls and guys without bringing this up. Go visit Covington, Georgia, where the Vampire Diaries is filmed, or Forks, Washington, which is the town where the Twilight saga takes place.

Do you have a unique Spring Break trip planned? We’d love to hear about it! Give us the deets in the comments.

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