Star Trek: Discovery is coming to Paley Fest and we’re excited!

We all love Star Trek and Discovery has fans on the edge of their seats! Luckily for us, the cast is coming to Paley Fest and Fangirlish will have the scoop!

Star Trek fans have been getting a lot of amazing things coming their way. From a brilliant third installment to the alternate movie series (Star Trek: Beyond) to great 50th anniversary news and toys, you’d think we’d had our fill.

Well, you’d think that if you haven’t been reading news on Star Trek: Discovery. The new CBS All Access show premiered to fans joy and we can’t seem to stop talking about it. So much so that there is a screening and panel for the show at Paley fest in NYC this weekend with a whole slew of guests! Including some of the star studded cast.

With Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green) leading the way, we get to hear from her, Jason Isaacs, Anthony Rapp and more of the crew of the Discovery. The event starts at 7:30 with a red carpet before the screening and panel discussion from 8 to 10 PM.

Honestly, it is just exciting that this cast is getting the attention they deserve. The show itself is pretty amazing and featured for the first time in Trek history a female captain with a female first officer. And it is pretty awesome that Michael has connections to Spock!

While it is a prequel to the original series, the show has quite the modern feel (which makes sense since Starfleet began in the mid 2100s). It is fun and while it is still trying to figure out that quintessential Star Trek feel, it already has fans hooked. We love Michael and Tilly and even Phillipa.

Follow us here on Fangirlish for news, Tweets, and a recap of the event! It proves to be something worthy of the galaxies. But really, can you expect anything less from something to do with the Star Trek universe? We are going where no one has go before.

I like hot actors and I like to talk about them. It is pretty much my game plan.