Star Trek (The TV Series): 5 Questions We Want Answered At SDCC

CBS announced a few months ago (in an epic way) that they would FINALLY be rebooting our favorite sci-fi franchise, STAR TREK with a brand new show in 2017. With the year of the Trek upon us at SDCC, it’s hard not to notice that the franchise is coming back in a BIG way. Although we have a million questions about the show that need to be answered, these are the five things we need to know ASAP.

Who Will Our New Captain Be?

Who’s going to be our next captain? From Kirk to Picard we are ready to see who will be taking the helm in 2017! Will they be human? What year will they be from? We have so many questions about who will be heading a brand new ship.

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And the Plot?

Where? When? Why? We have about a thousand questions surrounding the plot. Although it has been announced that unlike the original series, the show will follow one modern Trek storyline over a span of thirteen episodes, not much else has come out about the series. Co-creator Bryan Fuller has stated that: “there are 762 episodes of Star Trek television, so…we have to tell stories differently than they’ve been told for fifty years.” Will these stories be in the same alternate universe as the new movies and if so will they revisit The Academy? We would love to see another young crew piloting the Enterprise. There have also been rumors flying around that each season will focus on a different federation crew. Will we have to add multiple captains to our repertoire?   

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Will We See Any Recurring Characters?

We all want to see our favorite villains, heroes, and planets on the brand new Star Trek series. Will there be Klingons, Vulcans and most importantly Tribbles? Since this will most likely be a modern Trek will be seeing any of the character’s featured in the new Star Trek movies? We want to see New Vulcan post-Nero as well as the Romulan empire.

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Where Does this Story Fall In the Star Trek Timeline?

When it comes to the Star Trek universe there’s a specific timeline. Enterprise, Original, Alternate Original, Next Gen…… and the list goes on. According to another rumor if this new series is in fact set in the prime timeline it will probably be set in between the Original Series and Next Generation. BUT WHERE?

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Finally, We Need To Know About the Ship!

The most important part of the series is the ship, OBVIOUSLY. Will they have a new Enterprise? Or some new ship we have never seen before? Will they work for the confederation or are they a rogue team piloting the universe? WE NEED TO KNOW ASAP.

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With all of these rumors going around we can’t wait to learn the truth about this series at SDCC!

Madeline Potts is a Sophomore Journalism student and lover of tea, ginger cats and Comic Con. She once got in a fight with Steven Moffat.