Star Wars and Star Trek: The Fandom That Men Pretend Doesn’t Exist

When it comes to the fandoms of Star Wars and Star Trek, most men pretend that there isn’t a certain history to each. So we’re going to examine it.

Growing up a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek proved to be tricky. Not only were the two seen as enemies in the geekdom world, but it also seemed as if men didn’t believe a small girl could like something so sci-fi heavy. Because in the eyes of some (not all) men, these two fandoms are specifically for men.

Now the argument that girls can’t like Star Wars or Star Trek has been debated. On almost every site, you’ll find one article proving the theory that we can’t enjoy it wrong. But what I find most interesting in the world is how the men who question women completely ignore fragments of their fandoms.

Okay, here is why I’m writing this: I just don’t understand how men can ignore Leia as a feminist icon or how they can forget the homosexual tension in Star Trek. Honestly, it makes zero sense to me.

Leia and the Feminist Agenda

So let’s breakdown Leia first. The face of the modern feminist movement, Leia Organa-Solo taught all of us young girls who loved the series how to cope with being strong women. She showed us that we didn’t have to just let the men have all the fun.

So my favorite thing about men who say girls can’t love Star Wars is the fact that Leia is at the head of it all. Really, if you breakdown everything that happens in the franchise, Luke and Han would have died without her.

And Leia isn’t the only strong woman in the series either. From Leia, there was Padme and Rey and finally Jyn. Each taught us girls that we could do whatever was necessary of us. Nothing would hold us back just because of our gender. So why men think that we girls can’t like Star Wars is truly baffling to me.

Star Trek and Homosexuality

And now that brings me to the homosexual tensions that has been a part of the Star Trek franchise from the beginning. Recently there was a man going around Twitter saying that if you brought ‘that gay stuff’ into the series, you’d lose a lot of Trek fans.

First, I’d like to point out that Star Trek was one of the original series to have a fandom so dedicated to a relationship not even on the show and it happened to be between two men.

Now whether those men were James Kirk and Spock or Kirk and Bone or Spock and Bones was up to the discretion of the reader. Do you get my drift? Trek has always had fans who enjoy the homosexual tension between the characters. And Star Trek: Beyond is using that to its advantage with Sulu.

And it is a perfectly responsible addition to the character and really fit with the new aspect of the series. So why are men suddenly so offended by the idea of homosexuality in Star Trek? Did they forget all of the original series?

Men and Their Fandoms

So basically, I just don’t understand how men ignore huge parts of their ‘favorite things’. How can you say you’re a Trekkie and completely forget that the show spawned the modern era of shipping and slash fandom? How can you look at Star Wars and say girls can’t like something that has a feminist icon as one of the lead characters?

Whatever it is, it just doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t feel like listening to a man mansplaining why I’m wrong about all this.

I like hot actors and I like to talk about them. It is pretty much my game plan.