Starcrossed S1Ep7 “An Old Accustom’d Feast” (Recap)

"An Old Accustom'd Feast"Hello fellow stargazers! As if we thought last weeks episode didn’t have enough surprises, this week proved us wrong with the new information revealed about Castor. Before we get ahead of ourselves lets further analyze and recap on the primary scenes from this episode.

First things first, the episode opens up with the introduction of a holiday that the Atrians celebrate called Dinaskyu — a combination of Christmas and Thanksgiving. This holiday permits the Atrian seven to invite humans to the sector to celebrate with them. After making out with Emery, *fangirls*, Roman invites Emery and later Sophia invites Julia. Gloria asks Roman to pose for a photo-op with some dignitaries that will be visiting the Sector and he refuses because he is tired of being her “dancing monkey”.

Emery decides to break up with Grayson to be with Roman and Grayson tells her that he saw them rekindling their fire and also knows she was behind his mom getting sent to jail for being a Red- Hawk leader. Meanwhile, Julia is offered an internship with Ms. Benton (clearly to get closer to her to learn about the cyper she has in her blood) and after finding out that she wants her to work with her for cyper research purposes she quickly rejects her.

In preparation for the Dinakyu Roman and Castor pay Vega a visit to ensure that no harm will be done while the humans are there visiting the sector in which she agrees under one condition, that condition being that she wants prisoner 337 released from the crate which Vega also promises to release Drake from his imprisonment to her. Grayson finally meets with his father again and his father informs him about his leaving with the Atrians from the party in which Grayson is puzzled and is determined to find out why he was with them. After watching footage of Drake and Roman dropping him off after the party he decides to move back in with his dad. Roman decides to aid Gloria again under the condition that she releases prisoner 337 as Vega demanded. He tells her that by releasing a prisoner on the day of Dinaskyu would be a big gesture to Atrians and his father would approve of it, which makes agree to his proposal. Sophia informs Emery of the custom traditions preparing her for the Dinaskyu and decides to bring Roman’s mother, Maia flowers knowing that Maia is already under bad outlook on the integration between humans and aliens.

When arriving to the sector Emery helps tie a knot for a little girl which resembles the one Roman has in his room which brings Sophia to the realization that Emery was the one who helped save Roman a long time ago.

While in Mia’s home Castor brings a bowl of water in which Emery and Julia wash their hands in assuring them peace, he then gestures the bowl to Mia which she immediately refuses saying she wants nothing to do with them. During Vega’s celebration all the Trags offer her flowers calling her “mom” while she then releases Drake of his burden.

Gloria goes to release prisoner 337 which is an old lady who after submerging herself in a circular tub of some liquid resurfes as a younger looking women. After Roman and Castor leave to get ready and Emery decides to stay back to help clean. Julia takes off and bumbs into Ms. Benson who threatens her dad’s life if she doesn’t agree to work with her, Julia being frightend offers to tell her where the cyper grows instead.

After Sophia is fed up with her moms hatred of Emery she decides to tells her that Emery was the one who saved Roman which instantly changes Maia’s judgments of Emery. Emery Then decides to leave and while closing the door she stumbles upon a silver container where upon touching is ihstantly sent to a flashback.

We see Emery as an alien piloting a ship with Soroi as the other pilot and then put of nowhere Cator appears and shoots the version of her while Soroi is left uncontrollably crying. Emery runs to inform Roman but then is stopped by Julia informing Emery that they have to leave but Emery ignmores her and continues her search for Roman. When she finds him she is forced to sit down for dinner. While Castor is making a toast Gloria arrives with Soroi which causes Castor to stop his toast and Drake to fill with sudden joy and shock with the knowledge that his mother is alive.

The show closes with Emery and Roman finally alone and Roman telling Emery about the silver device and assures her that upon touch it allows you to reexperience whatever that person was going through and she tells him about Castor shooting that person leaving Roman in a state of shock and me with my jaw dropped. If any of you felt as shocked as I did please feel free to comment as we prepare for next weeks episode.

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