Stephen Amell Teases ‘Arrow’ Season 4 in Wizard World Chicago Panel

Before he takes the ring in Brooklyn for WWE’s SummerSlam on Sunday night, Stephen Amell made an appearance at Wizard World Chicago, where he posed for photos, signed autographs, and participated in what’s guaranteed to be an entertaining panel.

Amell discussed everything from Sunday’s SummerSlam to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, and of course gave some teases about season four of Arrow, which premieres in early October on The CW.

Here are the teases about Arrow‘s fourth season that Stephen revealed in his panel on Saturday:

We won’t be seeing an interaction between Oliver and Malcolm within the first four episodes. 

Stephen revealed that he hasn’t yet had the opportunity to film scenes with John Barrowman (Malcolm) so far in season four, which translates to Malcolm Merlyn hasn’t made an appearance in the new Star City thus far. But that doesn’t mean his presence won’t be felt even if he’s physically in Nanda Parbat. Malcolm/Ra’s al Ghul will have a big part in season four.

Stephen “doubts” that Oliver will be involved romantically with Sara or Laurel ever again.

Stephen can never flat out answer the question involving these “ships,” but he’s proven time and time again what woman he prefers Oliver with (Felicity), and the show has proven that Felicity is the woman who has inspired the lighter, more Green Arrow that Oliver is destined to become. So while on TV it’s too early to start talking endgame in season four, it’s safe to assume where the show is headed in that regard. Stephen thinks it’s important to establish relationships between men and women that doesn’t involve them sleeping together, and we couldn’t agree more. Because, let’s face it, before Oliver was with Felicity he was a bit (okay a lot) of a man whore that had basically slept with every woman that wasn’t related to him or was Felicity.

Oliver and Felicity are fully together this year.

As if there was ever any doubt with all of the lovely teases we’ve received thus far, Stephen reiterated that Oliver and Felicity will be together this season in a relationship. He’s excited for the new dynamic that the couple’s relationship will present, which includes working together as a team both on Team Arrow and as a couple.

There have been no scenes in the new Arrow cave through five episodes (episode five is underway but four hasn’t been filmed yet due to production schedules).

While we’ve gotten a sneak peek at what Team Arrow’s new lair will look like when it comes to fruition (thanks to this concept art), Stephen revealed that as of present (episode five, which is the fourth episode being filmed this season) that they haven’t filmed in the new Arrow Cave. He admitted that he was surprised that they shared it so early, and that it’s the show’s biggest set piece.

The new member of Team Arrow is Oliver…somehow.

Every season Arrow has added a new face to Team Arrow, so when asked if we could expect to see a new member in season four, Stephen said that the new team member might actually be him. Huh? Stephen admits that everything will make sense eventually. Perhaps he’s alluding to the fact that he’ll adopt the new mantle of the Green Arrow?

Season four will introduce a more grown-up, easy-going Oliver Queen.

The season three finale of Arrow very much felt like the end of a chapter in Oliver Queen’s story, which includes the darkness that Oliver struggled with in the presence. So it makes sense that season four will introduce to us a new “grown-up, relaxed, happy, easy-going yet still steely and determined” Oliver. And we all know who we have to thank for that maturation.

We probably won’t see Bruce Wayne on Arrow.

With the similarities between Arrow‘s Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne, a popular question is always regarding whether we might ever see Arrow‘s version of Bruce Wayne on the show. Stephen revealed that it’s more complicated than it seems, as he spoke with DC’s X regarding that. He was told that they want to keep things exclusive for each universe. But on a show where people come back from the dead, as he reminded us several times during the panel, never say never. “It’ll be tough,” he said, but he doesn’t see why Arrow couldn’t have its own version of Bruce.

Stephen has filmed scenes with Matt Ryan (John Constantine).

On of the episodes of season four that is already garnering massive hype is episode five, in which Matt Ryan will reprise his role of John Constantine on the show. Stephen said that’s filmed several scenes with Matt already, and that they’re having a ton of fun with it.

Arrow season 4 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 8/7c on The CW.

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