Steven Moffat’s Greatest Moments Of ‘Doctor Who’

We all love to hate on Steven Moffat, especially Whovians in regards to what he got right or wrong with Doctor Who. The recent announcement of his departure from its showrunner has us at Fangirlish thinking about his greatest moments at the helm of a sci-fi empire. So what better way to honor his mastery of the timey-wimey than to count down his best monsters/episodes/characters with the help of our favorite scenes and fan videos.

[lead]*Warning* Major spoilers ahead.[/lead]

The Weeping Angels

“Don’t Blink! Whatever you do, Don’t. Blink.”

The weeping angels. These statues are arguably one of THE MOST terrifying creatures ever to grace our screens.  The creatures turn themselves to stone and as soon as any living creature (you) sets eyes on them they come to life and as soon as blink they attack! Don’t forget whatever beholds the angel becomes the angel so if you take a picture of one or you know watch a video of one on your laptop screen…….

Don’t Blink!

The Vashta Nerada

Who doesn’t remember the library, RiverSong and finally the Vashta Nerada. Creatures that hide in the shadows, piranhas in the air, swimming right beneath your eyes. Steven Moffat has the unique gift to capitalize on fears we didn’t even know we had. You know that every time you see a dark corner a little hair sticks up on the back of your neck. Those fears were created for a purpose and the Vashta Nerada are lurking in those corners, waiting to attack.

The 11th Doctor

The raggedy Doctor, our imaginary friend. The eleventh doctor took us on a whirlwind of fairytale adventures from a bowl of fish fingers and custard to “The Vampires of Venice.” We watched as the Doctor fought his greatest foes, saved lives and fell in love. We met the Padernoster gang and handles. The 11th Doctor made us fall back in love with whimsy and chance. He made us whisper geronimo and wear bow-ties. The 11th Doctor taught us about loss and redemption. He showed us that even our greatest enemies can be our greatest friend and sometimes that enemy can be ourselves. But most importantly the 11th Doctor taught us that” in nine hundred years of time and space and I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important before.”

Amy and Rory Pond

The legs and the nose. The impossible girl and the Roman. They went by many names during their time with the show but they were always the same. The Ponds melted our hearts in The Big Bang and broke them again in A Good Man Goes to War. We watched their relationship progress from childhood to the very end. We watched them bring a child into the world and then watch her run away with their raggedy old man. We watched them fight Daleks and go “together” in The Angels Take Manhatten.  There were so many tears and so many laughs and for that we are thankful.

The Angels Take Manhattan

Speaking of the Ponds “The Angels Take Manhatten” broke our hearts over and over again. We watched Rory die (like always) and the Doctor sacrifice part of his regeneration for his  Riversong. We met the famed Melody Melone and said goodbye to our beloved Ponds.

The Pandorica Opens

Steven Moffat brought us the best Doctor Who speech of all time in “The Pandorica Opens.”


The River/Melody Plot Twist

Remember that amazing plot twist at the end of season six. Yes, THAT plot twist. But in case you’ve forgotten, Amy and Rory had a best friend when they were in school named Mels. When they meet the Doctor they also meet his friend/wife, RiverSong who is a space architect/time traveler/half-timelord/sex goddess. At the end of the season, we find out that Amy has actually been a ganger (copy of herself) the entire time and the real Amy has gone into labor. When the baby is born Amy name’s her Melody (after her childhood friend) and a kind nurse decides to stitch the child’s name onto a cloth. See the only problem is that in the language of the forest “they don’t have a word for “pond,” ’cause the only water in the Forest is the river….” So Melody Pond is actually River Song who just so happens to also be Amy and Rory’s friend Mels. MIND. BLOWN.

The Silence

Just like the weeping angels, the silence are just as easily forgotten as they are seen. As soon as you turn your back all of your memories are wiped. It’s as if you never saw the creature at all. Whats creepier then a monster that you can’t even remember?

The Name Of the Doctor

The Doctors grave and River’s final goodbye. We sobbed our way through this entire episode, fell back in love with the Paternoster Gang and were in awe of one of the best plot twists of all time. The episode took us on an emotional rollercoaster from happy to sad and finally majorly confused.

“your always here to me, I always listen and I can always hear you.” That last kiss tore our heart to pieces and made us beg for more (which thankfully we got *spoilers*)

“There is a time to live and a time to sleep”

The 50th Anniversary Special

The 10th, 11th AND war Doctor, what else could a girl ask for in life? From the very moment the trailer came out, Moffat had us beyond hyped. The episode took us back through time and space. We also revisited the various adventures and faces of the Doctor. Nothing made a fangirl squeal like The 10th and 11th Doctor hitting it up IRL and let’s not forget that Tom Baker cameo, am I right. The 50th anniversary was everything we ever wanted and for that we are grateful.

The 12th Doctor

I don’t know about you but I’ve been loving me some Capaldi. The grumpy old man is exactly what we needed after 11’s run. We are loving the dry wit and eyebrows of this Scott and can’t wait for season ten.


Ever since the inception of the Master fans have been betting when and who would play a female version of the villain. Michelle Gomez and Moffat’s brilliant writing have given us THE BEST interpertation we could have ever asked for. From evil to sass, Missy has got it going on. Hey missy your so fine, hey Missy you blew our minds! Hey Missy!


Clara Oswald

“Run you clever boy and remember me.”

The Impossible Girl, Clara/Oswin Oswald is arguably one of the best Who companions of all time. From the starship Alaska to all of time and space, Clara was made to save the Doctor. Clara made us fall in love with a leaf drifting through the wind and that sometimes we need to go to the ends of the earth (or a volcano) to save the ones we love. She gave us sass and quite literally the best hair flips of all time. On top of all that Clara brought a smarts to the show that we haven’t seen in any other companion. She was proof that sometimes the companion can become the Doctor themselves (or steal a TARDIS, who knows).

Hell Bent/Heaven Sent

These episodes made us fall in love with Doctor Who all over again. From Moffat’s brilliant writing of the Doctor’s confession dial to the return of Clara, we were enthralled from the very beginning. Moffat took us to the deserts of Gallifrey and Nevada. He gave a new meaning to the diner from “The Impossible Astronaut” and created the BEST gal pals OF ALL TIME (and space). Not only did Moffat take the Doctor home, he also gave Clara the ending she deserved.

The Husbands of Riversong

We all sobbed when River was uploaded to the data core in “The Silence in the Library.” We dreaded the day that our beloved couple would visit the singing towers and relished in the word “spoilers.” So when our final goodbye to River was a kiss and a wave we were devastated. In The Husbands of Riversong, Moffat finally gave us the night on Darillium we always wanted.

“I hate you.” “No you don’t”

Dying for more Doctor Who? The Husbands of River Song will be coming to a store near you on Blue-Ray and DVD starting February 23rd. You can also purchase the DVD’s online at the BBCA shop.

Madeline Potts is a Sophomore Journalism student and lover of tea, ginger cats and Comic Con. She once got in a fight with Steven Moffat.