‘Stitchers’ 3×06 Review : The Gremlin and The Fixer


STITCHERS – “The Gremlin and the Fixer’ –  (Freeform/Tony Rivetti)

Have you ever had a favorite tv show and after a major moment, the next episode is a little flat? It wasn’t terrible or anything but it didn’t excite you like the previous episodes did? That’s how “The Gremlin and the Fixer” felt to me and I have a idea why.

Because Camsten was fighting in this episode of Stitchers. This season we had gotten so use to them being on the same page ,the adorable flirting and more that once it was taken away even for a episode that we find ourselves missing it. The team was able to save the day but seeing them hurting like this hurts me. So let’s divide into the episode shall we?


So we get to see Kristen and Cameron’s reactions to what happened in the last episode. Kristen spends it talking with Camille and making up with her after their little row. This shows how much Kristen has grown in these three seasons. Would season 1 Kristen have talked about her emotions like this? Probably not.

Cameron meanwhile, is playing games with Linus and Linus gives some good advice – “Suck up to Kristen. Big Time.” This is good advice since this is Cameron’s fault (with Maggie) but before he can implement any of it, a new case is put in their lap.

The stitch is a AVR agent named Jake Rowland, found dead at a Mars display at work. In the stitch, we find Jake liked a girl named Zelda and was part of a underground video game community. The Fight Club of the 2010’s.  In the lab, Kristen is throwing daggers at Maggie and Cameron and not taking any shit from them…..so maybe season 1 Kristen hasn’t completely left the building yet. This is enforced when Kristen takes Fisher with her instead of Cameron to investigate the scene of the crime. OUCH my Camsten heart.

When there , they find out that Jake was also a gremlin who sabotages satellites so that the AVR could fix them and make them better. Except Jake is pretty good at his job and gave the satellite a bug that is almost unfixable. Also “the Fixer” is kind of bad at this in my opinion but more on that later. So add that on the team’s to do list at the moment!


As for the other members of the team, Linus and Ivy get together and we see a complete 180 now from Ivy as she is all wanting to be with Linus after saying she was pushing him away. I wish I could believe her but it seems like she is following her father’s instructions here to the T. I hope that I’m wrong as that Ivy is a nice character and I don’t want to see Linus/Kristen’s trust be broken here.

BUT this story gets a added twist to it as later while Linus and the Fixer have a nerd off that confuses me with every word they say, Maggie and Det. Fisher find out something interesting. They have pictures of Ivy and Daniel’s meeting! BUSTED. They confront Ivy with this but it looks like Maggie has another idea in mind. Is her plan to use Ivy as a double-agent against Daniel Stinger? It would be risky but smart. (Though still pissed off at you Maggie for what you did to Camsten. I don’t forgive or forget.)

STITCHERS – “The Gremlin and the Fixer’  (Freeform/Tony Rivetti)

So Cameron and Kristen go to the underground video game club and get to see Zelda in action. Zelda and Cameron instantly bond over their love of games and Cameron finds out betting is happening in this establishment! Shocking I say. Kristen does her own sleuthing and uncover that Jake defeated Zelda a lot. This feels like a red herring and it smells like one too. Cameron is pushed into playing and pretty easily defeats his opponent, a guy who looks like he should be in pro wrestling instead of pro gaming. How does this person respond to his loss? By punching Cameron in the face and starting a fight. After a dust up,Cameron and Zelda talk again and it looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship…..

except Zelda tells the owner of the club Rick that something is up with Cameron. Haha Cameron can not catch a break. A black eye (Which Kristen cutely pokes before her next stitch) and now this.  Add on to that Zelda tells that Cameron is NSA later on and oh boy it really sucks to be you Cameron right now.


Amanda is brought in to help at the crime scene and the awkwardness goes up to a 11. Not only do Linus and Amanda still have their thing but of course Camille and Amanda is awkward af. After getting the job done on her part, Camille asks Amanda out for a date. IN not so surprising news, Amanda turns her down. Now I get why she did but damn if my heart didn’t break for Camille here. Yes, Camille can be a jerk sometimes as she told Kristen at the beginning of the episode but she’s trying so hard here. I just want her to be happy and I think Amanda would be happy with her too.

So we get our second stitch and here we find out some more things –Jake and Kenny (the fixer) were working together as lovers. Explains Kenny’s bad mood to Camille and Linus earlier. Also the satellite was not just gremlined but also the warehouse. SO the team goes back to the club and Cameron and Zelda play each other. They know that Jake set up something in the final round so they agree to work together to get to it. TEAMWORK yay!

The game ends and Jake in a pre-recorded message (I was hoping for a hologram for some reason) that he made the War Zone game but Rick (the club owner) turned it to his own advantage ( making money). Sounds like a motive for murder to me and Rick confirms it by trying to escape but pro wrestling dude saves the day with a well thrown trash can. I guess having huge muscles does help.

We then end the episode with a view of both Kristen and Cameron sad after their latest talk in the club. Kristen leaning on Ivy for comfort is a touching sight but the worry of Ivy being a double agent still is in the background.  But my focus for this last part is on Camsten and this moment.

Do I think Camsten is over? NO. But they are at a point now where Cameron has to do some heavy-duty groveling. I think he will but the key is what Kristen will do? She’s not in the wrong by any means but it’s up to her to forgive Cameron. My fear is the only way she will do that is by the return of her mother. Stitchers teaches up that no one is perfect but Cameron made a big mistake breaking Kristen’s trust and can Cameron make up for it? These questions and more next week on Stitchers! Dammit Maggie why do you have to do what you did??


  • Best line of the night was from Camille – “Sorry I don’t speak pissing contest.”
  • Kristen’s line about her superpower being death was scary and sexy at the same time.
  • Zelda Williams played the role of Zelda in tonight’s episode. She was very good (a underrated actress in my opinion) but did they just make her character’s name Zelda as a video game reference or were the writers  just being lazy that day?
  • Fisher hates Mars Bars. That makes two of us.



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