‘Stitchers’ 3×07 Review : “Just the Two of Us”

STITCHERS – “Just the Two of Us” (Freeform/Mitch Haaseth)

If you are a Stitchers fan, you love the show but also have to admit that it follows certain method most of the time. It’s a good one but every once in a while you got to change it up. In ” Just the Two of Us” Stitchers does just that by making the episode all about Kristen and Cameron. Literally. Almost the entire episode we only see these two and it is a wish come true for all Camsten fans.

What this episode gives us is a blend of mystery thriller/ character study. Not only do we get suspense but we also get to find out more about our favorite duo. Or do we? So let’s delve into ” Just the Two of Us” because it is one wild ride from start to finish


We start out with a empty lab and Kristen waking up from a stitch. She can only find a unconscious Cameron and the faint smell of gas in the room. Remember that as there’s more clues sprinkled through this episode than a whole season of Sherlock. They try to figure out who they are stitching into but they find they have no memory of who as there is no corpse! Only things around are static monitors and hot cups of coffee. Cameron and Kristen are freaked out to say the least and Cameron’s phone call to the NSA is not the least bit reassuring to them. So what do you do when you have no clue where your team is? Have dinner of course!! (well that’s what I’d do too)

Camsten’s dinner goes as awkward as you would expect two people in a relationship but in a time-out to go. It doesn’t go smoother till Cameron’s mom is mentioned. We learn about a step-father he had named Bill who was not a very good man to him. This was a very revealing thing for the audience to find out and for Kristen too as well. This moment gets stopped when Kristen decides it’s bedtime– only separate bedtime. Cameron ends up getting Camille’s room with the nice blackout curtains but Kristen soon wakes him up when she spots a person at the window. After a jolt like that, no one wants to be alone so Kristen asks Cameron to sleep with her. (Not like that pervs!)

Here we get no sexy times but some more Camsten as Cameron tells Kristen that he knows her better than she knows him. He explains it by telling her the story of her joining the basketball team in high school. It’s a adorable moment but also a suspicious one because how did Cameron know that when she’s never told anyone that?

STITCHERS – (Freeform/Mitch Haaseth)


Kristen and Cameron return to the deserted lab again the next day and find it all the same all the way to the still warm cup of coffee. Only this time Kristen is able to find a key in the coffee plus a puzzle piece in Cameron’s locker. And also a face in three of the monitors. These faces reveal happy, sad and surprised and Kristen figures out this what autistic children study when conveying feelings. Their stitch is someone who has autism.

Now a quick side note here : How Stitchers handled autism and showing the effects in such a accurate and respectful way was brilliant. Some shows do a very bad job of portraying Autism and Autistic people but Stitchers did it in one of the best ways I have ever seen. Major props to the shows’s cast and crew for this.

After following the clues to the stitch tank and a little Camsten flirting (to me it was) , they find the puzzle piece leads to…well a puzzle and on said puzzle is a house address. Cameron and Kristen find the address and search the garage where they find a vintage car and boxes full of puzzles. Cameron fawns over the car as Kristen figures out that the key found in the coffee  starts the car! Success!….until they can’t stop the car and the fumes are slowly choking them. It takes Kristen giving a Felicity to Oliver type speech to get Cameron to power through and free them from the garage. But not before grabbing a conventional placed rubik’s cube from the back seat. Finding so many clues, I expected Tim Curry to show up!


A trip back to the lab reveals that the rubik’s cube has been messed with and also Cameron is having fun these last two days. Mostly because he’s got to do this with Kristen again-#Hearteyes. Kristen though still is hurting and they get into a argument which ends with them looks for clues separately – #Sadeyes. Kristen goes to Maggie’s office and finds a special computer there. This time though she has to figure out the right question.

“Who is our current case?”

The computer reveals that it is a 20-something year old by the name of Tom. Here’s where Krsiten figures it almost all out. Originally I thought this was all in Kristen’s mind but instead she’s stitching into Tom’s mind. That’s where all the clues have come from,why no one else is there and even why Cameron knew what he knew.Cameron isn’t real in here. He’s just a part of Kristen’s mind.

Think about that for a second. Kristen was so happy to be working with Cameron again. Kristen didn’t want to be alone in the stitch so she went to the one person she could count on : Cameron. MY HEART.

Cameron though thinks he’s a real boy and want Kristen prove he’s imaginary by shooting him. This is heartwrenching as Kristen can’t even hurt a fake version of Cameron and refuses….except the gun goes off and kills Fake Cameron. Cameron disappears and Kristen is all alone and sad. She can’t figure out how to help Tom so she is about to quit. Until the person she saw near the beginning of the episode reappears…along with everyone Kristen has stitched into to help her. After a few words of love from Ed,Kristen figures out the monitors are like the rubik’s cube. They reveal a face and that let’s Kristen figure it all out.

Kristen stutches back into the real world where the whole team is gathered. Deep breath as Kristen explains that Tom was killed by his step-father Bill. Yes, Cameron’s Bill who locked Tom in the garage and killed him with the gas fumes. Kristen is then shocked to learn that the entire stitch only took 3 seconds! Timey-wimey stuff what are you going to do? But the experience has let Kristen realize how much she cares for Cameron and how much she is willing to keep trying with Cameron as they share a romantic kiss to end the episode. Much like every Stitchers episode should end.

I love this almost bottle episode as it gave a view not only to the world of autistic man but also hit the character moments perfectly for Camsten. We got a highly entertaining mystery and a fun , exciting hour of television. What more could you ask for?

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