‘Stitchers’ 3×08 Review : “Dreamland”

(Freeform/Mitch Haaseth)

Ah the UFO/ Alien episode. No doubt that your favorite TV show no doubt has done one whether it was The Simpsons or Married with Children. And even though it does hit on the alien troupe , this episode of Stitchers still gives us everything we love about the show : badass Kristen, Camsten, family drama and one-liners from Camille. We also get a little more advancement in the Ivy situation and a little insight into Cameron’s relationship with his mom : spoilers – one is better than the other at the end of the episode. Now let’s delve into “Dreamland” as some characters in our Stitchers universe are dealing with some things out of their control.


We open with Kristen waking up from a bad nightmare to Cameron comforting her. Does my heart good to see these two back on the same page as couple. Cameron wants to make sure she’s okay so after a bit of worrying boyfriend prodding (a Cameron special), Kristen agrees to see a doc about it. Meanwhile Det.Fisher and his wife Stephanie are dealing with news that she has got a high-ranking job buttttt Fisher is going to have to move if he wants to stay with her.

Det.Fisher has always been a interesting character to me because while I like him , it always feels like he never gets much to do. It’s understandable, in a team ensemble someone always gets short-changed. Just the way it is. Tonight felt like a good episode for Fisher. We got to see him trying to come to a decision but also his interactions with the people most important to him on the team : Maggie and Camille.

Maggie tries to help find a job with the NSA but is unsuccessful. Lots of fans of the show low-key ship these two but I am more of a fan of the Fisher-Camille ship. They always have a good chemistry and I love seeing their interactions with one another. When working on their case (More about that in a sec) Quincy tells Camille how much he wants to stay because he considers the team his disfunctional family. This leads to the end of the episode where it looks like once again Quincy will choose work over Stephanie. I feel bad for Stephanie but she is wrong this time I think. He is choosing family..only his Stitchers family this time.

Okay now on to the case and the stitch. A old man is found dead in the middle of nowhere and a stitching-we -will go! Kristen stitches in there and it takes her back to 1985 where the dead dude Fred and Peggy are messing around with some alien stuff. Restricted Air Force UFO sightings, dead alien on a table – the usual extra terrestrial stuff. The Death Memory finds Fred being spotted by glowing lights before the end.

The team (especially Kristen and Camille) think it could actually be little green alien men but the only person who doesn’t believe is Cameron. No lie, I was disappointed when Cameron said he didn’t believe. I know he’s a man of science but I refuse to believe we are alone in this universe. Because if we are it for intelligent life , than that just makes me sad.


(Freeform/Mitch Haaseth)


Camsten does their thing of being adorable while investigating and find out Fred was getting $1000 a month for the last 20 years…..which isn’t a whole lot by today’s standards if you think about it. They also visit a old friend of Fred’s named Rudy who is the ultimate believer with his wife Arlene. He tells them about his friendship with Fred , the books he wrote about it and the air force base where Fred said he saw the alien. Ladies and gentlemen, we have our suspects.

Cameron and Kristen head to the air force base where we get our Camsten usual of flirting, Kristen doing something she shouldn’t and Cameron worrying about it but ultimately doing whatever she tells him to do. It’s a good pattern. They sneak down a hallway and find a space ship! Instead of getting proof though,MPs come and capture the two. A little intimdation by a colonel gets stopped by the mere mention of aliens by Kristen. Instead they get sent off with just a warning.

After that, most couple would relax with a nice dinner and movie. Instead, Camsten have a doctor’s appointment to get to. The surprise however is the doctor that Cameron set up for Kristen is Cameron’s mom!! Frosty is the term I would use for Cameron’s relationship with his mom. Awkward hugs and terse mentions of Cameron’s father are the highlights before Cameron decides to let them have some private time together.

(Freeform/Mitch Haaseth)

We do get a lovely moment where Mrs. Goodkin talks about how much her son loves Kristen. When she asks if Kristen loves Cameron, she keeps silent but the look on Kristen’s face tells us the answer that any fan of the show could have said in a instant. It’s a lovely moment but then what happens back in the lab lets us know that the family drama isn’t over yet.



Back in the lab,Cameron finds Maggie and Fisher’s evidence of Ivy’s meetings with Stinger. Unlike last time though, Cameron isn’t going to keep this secret from Kristen and immediately tells her. Boyfriend points for Cameron! (joking…..mostly). This info divides the team between those who now believe she is scum and those who think she isn’t (Basically Linus who is still calling Ivy regularly). Cool heads prevail and the team goes back to the alien case…

Which ends up not being aliens at all. Insert sad emoji face. Turns out Fred and his friend Peggy staged the whole thing and the guilt was eating him up after all these years. Fred goes to confront Rudy about it at a book signing but is unsuccessful. The chemicals that killed Fred were sprayed on by a drone.

SO looks like Rudy right? NO it ended up being Arlene who wanted to keep everything going. Fred was going to ruin that so she took him out. Poor Rudy was and is still a pure believer.

This leads to a end montage of scenes –

  • The Det. Fisher/Stephanie one. It leaves it pen what Quincy will pick but he looks like he is leaning towards the lab over his wife.
  • Cameron and his mom talk again with a little assist from Kristen who cancelled a dinner date so they could talk. It looks like the beginning of the healing can begin for Cameron and Mrs. Goodkin.
  • On the other side of that however, , Kristen and Linus break into Ivy’s house and snoop around. What they find is a design for little Cameron from Kristen’s memory stitch in the premiere.

So it’s looking like Ivy is working with Daniel to get info on Kristen and her mom. Or is it? It wouldn’t shock me at all if Daniel Stinger is framing Ivy with that computer evidence. The man is one sick puppy.

Once again family is the main focal point of Stitchers. The ones you are stuck with and the ones you make.



  • So Camille’s first crush was Gillian Anderson. Makes sense she was mine and about a million other men and women’s first crush too.
  • Someone please high-five Cameron!

  • Enjoyed Camille’s “I told you so.” to Linus more than I should have probably.
  • Kristen wondering what Cameron would look like in a uniform. Whenever Kristen and Cameron get to do it, I see some roleplay in their future.

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