‘Stitchers’ 3×09 Review : “Kill it Forward”


So I figured a lot of different things would happen in this week’s episode of Stitchers but this show still is able to shock me in good ways. I figured we would get a Kristen/Ivy confrontation but never expected to learn more about Maggie.  We thought we’d get some cute Camsten moments not what we ended up with at the end of the episode. (Spoiler Alert : it was nice) So let delve into Stitchers “Kill it Forward” with a little family drama shall we?


Hell hath no fury like a pissed off Kristen Clark and Ivy is her target here at the beginning of “Kill It Forward” as Kristen, Linus and Cameron lay out everything that they found out about Cameron anomaly. Ivy reveals that she was only Cameron in the stitch after her dad first started it. Ivy then blames Kristen for her father leaving and Linus leaves heartbroken over everything. Are you happy with yourself Ivy? You made Linus sad. HUMAN PUPPY LINUS.

Kristen’s pissed-off party continues when she and Cameron confront Maggie about where her mom is. This standoff leads to Kristen making a ultimatum for Maggie :Either she tells her where her mom is or no more stitches. I’m so glad that Kristen has had enough of this and she wants answers. The best part of this is how much Cameron is behind Kristen here. He stands behind her to Maggie and when Kristen is worried about them , he tells her that if she’s gone then he’s gone too.


“Kristen is my priority. Not the NSA and not you, Maggie.”

Maggie makes the agreement if Kristen stitches for one more case. I’m glad Kristen agreed because it was a very interesting case.


The murder victim is one Leslie Adams, world-class volleyball player , mean bitch and target of a darknet site. In the stitch, Kristen sees all these things and finally her death at the hands of a bearded hipster (Det. Fisher’s words, not mine) who is later found to have been involved with a second murder victim, a talent agent to the magicians. Thanks to some clever computer work by Camille and Kristen’s second stitch, they find the magician and after Det. Fisher pulls off a classic throwing knife manuever, the magician goes into custody. Also the stitch reveals that a regular dude is the one who killed the talent agent as you never know what kind of things regular folks get into in the “DarkNet”

Ends up that he and some others are involved in something called “All In” a site where if you can’t afford a hit man (I wouldn’t know…….seriously I wouldn’t!) So instead of paying for a hit man, you would kill someone else’s target. Basically Strangers on a Train in a nutshell more than Pay It Forward to me but to each their own.


“I signed up for this website” never leads to anything good.

This is proved to be fact when after some messing around on the site, Linus accidentally signs up Camille to the site. Okay Linus there’s somethings you just can’t make mistakes on and a website that promotes murders on the darknet is one of them. Camille, being the kind-heart she is,tells them she will murder no one as this has been a mistake. Except the penalty for All In is like the one for not paying a credit card debt, death for someone.


There was a funny scene though where it looked like Cameron was going to get shot by a pizza man but instead it ended up being Kristen who order a large pepperoni. See me and Kristen are different – She eats when nervous, I wanna throw up when nervous. This though leads to the head of “All In” , a Kate Ronan surrendering herself to Detective Fisher.  Pretty easy case huh? Well if you’ve watched any tv you know, stuff is about to go down.


Kate gets questioned by Maggie who reveals that they were formerly CIA partners. After a little back and forth with just a hint of flirting to me, Kate reveals that Maggie left her behind in a mission. Maggie tells her that she should have made the check point but Kate is right here. You never leave a team member behind. Here’s where we get another view of why Maggie protects the team so much even when they hate her for it. She doesn’t want to ever leave anyone behind again.

As Maggie tells Fisher the story, Kate makes her big escape. This leads to a good old-fashioned shoot-out between Maggie/Fisher and Kate. Thanks to the teamwork of our favorite stiff-upper lip duo, Kate is taken down for the count. A sad end to the message of don’t let the past haunt you.

As for the present, Camille goes to the bar where Amanda is and sings a song for her.  This scene highlights Camille ready to live for the present and also Allison Scaglotti has a tremendous singing voice so use what you got. This moves Amanda to tears and it looks like Camille and Amanda are back on again!!


As for Camsten, both are smiles for different reasons when they meet up at Cameron’s apartment. For Kristen , it’s because Maggie has agreed to let her see her mom. As for Cameron, well let’s just say Linus is forgiven for his goof-up earlier in the episode when it’s revealed that we have a working oxytocin filter!!! Camsten SEX is a GO!


I can’t do it justice but lets just say it was well-worth the wait for both of them as they make a mess of the sheets and the bed. And how much I wish the episode could end on this but instead it ends with Ivy getting another visit from daddy dearest. Ivy drops a bombshell that the NSA is going to kill her and Kristen’s mom via Maggie’s e-mails.

SO is Ivy playing her dad and this a plan of hers, Maggie and Fisher’s to trap Stinger? Or could Maggie actually be planning to kill her? What’s Stinger planning? This is all leading to one big confrontation and I can’t wait to see what happens!



  • The show seems to be pushing Maggie and Quincy together as we see them having a lot of scenes this week and even sharing a drink together while Fisher’s wife Stephanie is left in DC. I can see the chemistry but it seems like the kind of relationship that might be doomed to fail.
  • Our own Maggie, Salli Richardson- Whitfield directed this episode and it was one of the best of the season. She has a ton of experience directing tv shows (Underground, Queen Sugar, Scandal) so this was probably a piece of cake to her.
  • Detective Fisher’s perfect Big Trouble in Little China – Best non-Camsten moment of the episode.

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