‘Stitchers’ SDCC 2017 Interview : Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris


Season 3 of Stitchers has been heavy on the Camsten as we’ve loved seeing Cameron and Kristen become a couple this season. All the fun little moments have added to these characters  and is one of the reasons that season 3 is the best season yet. And after we talked to the actors who play Kristen and Cameron – Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris it was easy to see why Camsten works so well.

Emma and Kyle’s  close friendship is easy to notice as the two of them constantly made each other laugh while discussing Kristen and Cameron’s relationship and the recent episode which was literally only those two struggling to solve a puzzle while also figuring out their relationship.

“It was just the two of us. It was a lot of dialogue and it slowed down the pace of filming but was a lot of fun.”commented Ishta.

“In the midst of us (Cameron and Kristen) figuring out where we stand in this relationship as a couple is as much about the puzzle itself.” Harris points out about the very special episode.

“Also (Cameron) figures out what his priorities are. (Points at self)” added Ishta with a hearty laugh and smile.

Also in the video below, Kyle and Emma preview “a very strong , satisfying family moment for Kristen coming up”according to Ishta. Also talked about is the cliffhanger for the finale which Kyle says “is literally jaw-dropping where you will say ” What does this mean? What is this show going to be now?”” Also  the prospect of a season 4 is mentioned with Harris mentioning all of his fan-fiction ideas for the future of the show and Camsten.

Check out our interview with Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris and hit us up in the comments about what you think the big cliffhanger of season 3 will be!

Stitchers airs on the Freeform Network on Monday Nights at 9/8c.

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