‘Stitchers’ SDCC 2017 Interview : Ritesh Rajan, Damon Dayoub and Jeffrey Schechter

Every good show needs a strong backbone to it. Stitchers has that in it’s talented supporting cast. Alongside Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris who we interviewed earlier, we got to talk to two members of the talented Stitchers supporting cast – Ritesh Rajan who plays the lovable Linus Ahluwalia and Damon Dayoub who plays the gruff fan favorite Detective Quincy Fisher.

Alongside Creator and Executive Producer Jeffrey Schechter, they lay out what has happened so far this season and look forward to the finale. Talking about Linus’s mindset this season, Ritesh proclaims that all the trials and tribulations that Linus has been through this season has matured him. Also Ritesh talks about whether or not Linus will have to draw a line between trusting Ivy or his friends.

Check out the interview below  to hear Damon go into detail about what will happen between Fisher and his estranged wife Stephanie , Jeffrey talk about his plan for the back half of season 3 and which one was just cast as Batman!


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