‘Stitchers’ Season 3 finale review : “Maternis”

(Freeform/Adam Rose)

For Camsten fans, the season 3 finale is best described with this famous line “It was the best of times and it was the worst of times.” At the beginning of this episode and throughout much of “Maternis” Stitchers gave us all the wonderful Camsten we could ask for – whether it was Morning after some great sex chat, make out elevator sessions or their “I love you” to one another- our shipper heart grew……until the end of the episode when it was revealed that Kristen made the ultimate sacrifice to save her mother….losing her memories of the last few years.


My heart broke as Cameron blamed himself for what happened though it was Kristen who agreed to it. AND Daniel Stinger behind the idea as well, again showing that nothing good happens when he is around. The love for her friends and for Cameron that awoke her mom cost Kristen everything else.

The episode ends with a soul-crushed Cameron talking with a Kristen who is friendly but also doesn’t remember him. They even talk about his heart surgery when he was a kid and inside we see his heart is hurt then it ever was back then. I was about curl up into a ball as Cameron walked out of the room but then Kristen saw someone and uttered this to them.


Kristen is faking it! But why and who would make her do this to a person she cares for so much???  At first I thought it was Maggie but then it hit me who it might be. Jacqueline Stinger herself. We all thought that she was a loving angel but what if she’s not? Maybe Mommy Dearest isn’t the sweet angel we all think her to be?  It has to be her in my mind because it would be the kind of twist I could see Stitchers pulling off.

The other suspects seem to obvious like Maggie or Blair but having it be Jacqueline would be the cruelest twist of fate for Kristen. TV Trope 101- Your Hero can’t be happy for too long. Kristen gets back her family only to lose the love of her life. She got back her blood one but lost her real one in the process.

So Freeform, please renew Stitchers so we can get a season 4 and fix this!!! Please!

(Freeform/Adam Rose)


  • Thanks to the stitch of the week, we found out that Kristen’s was to blame for what stitches get picked. Sort of. The stitch was on a former NASA programmer who’s algoritms were selected with influence from Kristen somehow to be the choices what cases they worked on.It was all a little bit confusing honestly.
  • Camille and Amanda had their own morning-after talk and it led to a very interesting thing : Amanda proposed moving in together. I thought this was a wee bit fast but Camille shockingly didn’t and even told Kristen of her plan to move.
  • As for the Det.Fisher/ Maggie/ Stephanie front -Nothing. But you can pretty much guess Quincy is going to stay with the team in the lab.
  • We found out that Ivy wasn’t a bitch (as Kristen called her) but working with Maggie to set-up Stinger for her. Hopefully this is the end too of the Ivy/Linus melodrama as they ended the season on a good page of promises for more perhaps.
  • I don’t like Daniel Stinger and cheered when Cameron took a punch at him.
  • Maggie got mad that Camsten slept together -My Theory: She was just mad her and Quincy haven’t slept together yet.
  • Earlier in the episode, to get on the base, Cameron comes up with a plan to sneak him and Kristen in: She is pregnant and having the baby It was one part adorable and one part terrible.


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