‘Stitchers’ WonderCon Interview: Ritesh Rajan and Allison Scagliotti

Last season on Stitchers, Linus and Camille captured our hearts with their relationship that didn’t make sense and yet did at the same time. But this season will throw a kind of curveball our way as Camille begins to gravitate towards Detective Fisher, which as you can guess Linus is not a fan of. Things aren’t going to be easy for Linus and Camille, but nothing worthwhile comes easy.

We chatted with Stitchers stars Ritesh Rajan and Allison Scagliotti at WonderCon on Sunday, where they discussed a more “nuanced” and “emotional” relationship for Linus and Camille this season.

“Fear not, the Camus of it all still exists. I think just a little more realistic,” Scagliotti said. “Life is messy. It doesn’t make a ton of sense that such a sheltered dude and a girl with such a street-smart, checkered past would be so smoothly intertwined.”

“It’s a much more nuanced relationship this time,” Rajan added. “It’s more realistic. It’s a more emotional relationship. We both grow…whether that be together or apart you’ll just have to watch.”

Stitchers has also introduced a new status quo of sorts as it shows us new sides of Kirsten and Cameron, who have taken a complete 180 when it comes to personality following the traumatic events of the season one finale. Kirsten, who hasn’t been able to feel emotions since she was a child, is now experiencing those overwhelming emotions. And Cameron, who’s always been a little guarded and safe, has taken on a fearless attitude. It’s definitely something that affects the characters around them.

“[Linus has] never seen his friend so adventurous and kind of aggressive taking life right by the reins,” Rajan said. “I think to Linus it’s slightly inspiring because to see someone in the lab with a similar kind of nerdy background just live life pretty freely without having a worry.”

Watch our full interview with Rajan and Scagliotti below, where they discuss their character’s reaction to the new status quo and dish on the high stakes of this world.

Stitchers airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Freeform.

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