The Strangest 1D Headlines


There is never any shortage in the media of headlines. News, politics, coverage of the most popular celebrities. And when those celebrities are members of One Direction, the headlines are endless. Coverage of their music, chart topping, tour, love lives, and more. For fans who follow their idols regularly, they can be assured that headlines featuring one, or all, of the 1D lads will appear daily, and sometimes these headlines are rather…strange.


Whether at the hands of the fans, or brought up through the media, the strange occurrences that follow these four often end up on your computer monitors and TV screens. And recently, yet another of these odd headlines has come up, prompting me to take a little walk back in time and review some of the more…memorable moments of One Direction.


Starting with the green eyed one, Harry Styles is undoubtedly the highest rated headline puller of any of the lads. Even taking a jog to the local grocery brings photos and media coverage. So imagine, after a night of frivolity and a few drinks, Mr Styles decides to go for a hike, only to have to stop on the 101 freeway to praise the roadside Gods…


It would be embarrassing enough for anyone to have to pull over and vomit after a night of drinking, but to have that moment photographed and make the internet rounds, it isn’t one any of us would like to experience. Add on the fact that only days later, signs appeared at the same site stating “Harry Styles threw up here”…well, that’s just weird.

harry-styles-throw-up-freeway1-600x401   Harry-Styles-Shrine

Moving to a more recent, but just as strange incident involving our lovely Irishman, it is quite similar to that which his band mate experienced. A night out with friends in LA brings Niall in need of relief…which he chooses to do at the side of the road against a building. Of course, as always with these lads, cameras are always present, and get a photo of Mr Horan peeing out in public.

And, of course, just like Harry’s incident, only days later a sign appears stating “Niall Horan peed here”. As though it was a spot of true meaning, something that would want to be immortalized, websites are urging fans to go and take a selfie in the spot, with the sign, for some odd form of posterity…

31E6442700000578-3478432-image-a-10_1457211634755  IMG_20160308_161651

Liam James Payne has had his own less than traditional headlines, but thankfully not of the…projectile nature. In 2012, it was reported that Liam had a dysfunctional kidney. As a premie, he had suffered occasional health effects due to his prematurity, one of these being a kidney that didn’t quite work to full capacity. He was told he would have to be careful with drinking and the like, and was cognoscente of the warnings until 2012.


Suddenly, and strangely miraculously, Liam tweeted to fans “Just been for an ultrasound on my kidney turns out its fixed from when I was a baby!!! :o so now I have two :) #weirdnewsoftheday.” [sic].


Well, that is more than a little strange, but good on ya, Payno.

newsdesk_thumb1425540909to  Sick_Kidney

Finally, we end with Louis Tomlinson. The sass master from Doncaster is always good for a humorous and sassy tweet or comment, so why would headlines be any different? Although, the headline in question is more supernatural that sass.


It was reported that while filming X-Factor as a guest judge along side mentor Simon Cowell, the two were haunted by a ghost. And it wasn’t just a creepy sighting that started the rumor. Apparently during a contestants performance at the judges house, a pale figure floated passed a window, the cameras flickered, and a bolted window flew open. The crew was so freaked out, filming was cut short for the day.


Maybe the specter just wanted a sight of the Tommo just like the millions of fans? Couldn’t even blame it, really…

x-factor-judges-houses-136401183636826901-151020173439  9187193b28e078b3332b4346ce892f51

Even though One Direction are still at the beginning of their 18-month hiatus, the headlines never seem to end where they are concerned. I have no doubt that more strange and unique reporting will continue despite their break from the stage.

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