‘Supergirl’ 3×14 Promo: “Schott Through The Heart”

Attention Supergirl fans!

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The hiatus is almost over! We can rejoice knowing that on April 16 the show will return with an episode centered on the DEO’s resident tech genius – Winn Schott (played by the lovable Jeremy Jordan)! What would this show be without him? We would hate to find out. He’s one of our favorites!

Here is the most recent promo, and it has us excited:

We are excited about finding out more about Winn’s troubling past, which we know of from an episode back in season 1 titled “Childish Things” where he confronts his father, The Toyman. In the season 2 episode, “Distant Sun”, he makes a remark to Mon-El about how his dad would get along with Mon-El’s parents – noting that his father wasn’t a good man by any means.

In an episode aptly named “Schott Through The Heart,” we can see from the promo that Winn’s father has died  – and Winn, Kara, Mon-El, James, J’onn, and Alex all gather for his funeral. Winn’s mom shows up and tells him the truth. There’s a bomb – there’s action (as always with Supergirl), and we are excited for this episode. This is one character that has needed more on his past revealed for a VERY LONG TIME!

As noted above  – and confirmed via TV Line – that Winn’s mom will make an appearance in this episode. She will be played by none other than Emmy winning, Oscar nominated actress Laurie Metcalf.  It is noted they’ve been estranged for quite some time. We hope it helps give Winn his closure and us more background on this character – and as we’ve noted before – is very much needed.

When the episode was being taped – we got a few BTS pictures from set during filming and we want to share them with you.

Melissa Benoist with Laurie Metcalf courtesy of People Magazine:


Back on, January 27 Benoist posted this of Chris Wood (Mon-El) to her Instagram:

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something is terribly wrong ?

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In it we can see the background of a toy factory – which is also shown in the promo. Wonder what’s going on here??

The last BTS we had for this episode is of a picture posted by Mehcad Brooks (James) on January 18 of himself, Benoist, and Wood:

It looks to be taken while they were taping the funeral scene.

Are you excited now?? When we get more information on this episode – or any more news about Supergirl – we will be sure to share it!

Supergirl returns from hiatus on Monday, April 16, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW.

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