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Supergirl: The ABCs of Karamel

Supergirl: The ABCs of Karamel

Supergirl’s Kara Danvers has spent the past season focusing on embracing her heroic identity. She didn’t think it was possible to have romance and be Supergirl. She never really allowed herself to wonder about having it all, as in professional and personal gratification. Until now.

When Mon-El dropped out of the sky this season (technically last season) – much like Kara herself – we weren’t prepared the epic romance that was to follow. What began as dissonance gradually morphed into friendship and eventually into the romance that flourishes on screen.

Karamel, literally the sweetest ship name to ever exist, has proven week after week why they’re our favorite couple to watch on television right now. They’re very much in the early stages of their relationship, which means we get to see the good and the bad, as they continue to strengthen their relationship and reinforce that mindset that, yes, the hero can be a hero and be in love at the same time.

We’ve put together a list of ABCs that reminds us of all the things we love about Karamel. The only downside is that there aren’t more letters in the alphabet – because we have so much more left to say!

A is for Attraction.

There is an undeniable chemistry between Kara and Mon-El, which is certainly the doing of Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood. They’ve breathed life into this relationship through their portrayals, and they look to have found that attraction in real life, as well.

B is for Belong.

As in Kara and Mon-El belong together. We’re less than a season into their relationship, and already they’ve convinced us.

C is for Couches.

Somehow Kara’s couch has become Karamel’s “thing,” which is so amazing on so many levels. So many beautiful and significant moments have happened on that couch. Whether it’s been their playful flirting, sizzling make out sessions, or finding comfort in a time of need. Whenever there’s a scene on that couch, you better be paying attention.

D is for Domesticated.

Is there anything cuter than watching these two puppies make each other breakfast? Wait, let’s raise you one: doing the laundry. Despite this hectic world that both Kara and Mon-El are a part of, they manage to flourish in those small moments of domesticity that make our hearts swoon. More please!

E is for Ease.

Perhaps one of the biggest factors in Kara and Mon-El becoming an item is the ease that goes into believing their relationship. I didn’t see their romance coming, but after watching it evolve and watching these two interact every week, there’s just an easiness that comes with their relationship. It’s not forced. It’s not uncomfortable. It’s more than enjoyable.

F is for Forgiveness.

People are far from perfect. And the same goes for Kryptonians and Daxamites. Kara and Mon-El have both proven that they’re capable of getting caught up in things and making mistakes. But perhaps the most important thing is that they’ve both been able to forgive each other. It might take a little time, but forgiveness eventually comes.

G is for Glasses.

Puppies in glasses! Kara and Mon-El might have secret identities when interacting with the outside world, but they don’t have to put those walls up when around each other. But we have to admit, they both look beyond adorable in their “surely-nobody-will-recognize-me-because-I’m-wearing-glasses” glasses.

H is for Happiness.

If you’re not happy, then you’re not living. While Kara has always been an optimistic person who always tries to approach things with a smile on her face, we haven’t seen her this happy in a long time. That smile. That relaxed stance. The words, “I’m happy.” And Mon-El’s happiness speaks for itself. If Kara and Mon-El are happy, then we’re happy.

GIF (happy)

I is for Inspiration.

Mon-El is far from a perfect person. It’s what makes him so endearing – that he’s trying to become a better version of himself. And he told Kara that she is a big reason why. Not because he wants to be with her (though he does), but because she inspired him to want more. To be the best version of himself. She makes him a better person. In fact, both have found inspiration from each other.

J is for Jealousy.

If there’s one thing that’s incredibly enjoyable as a shipper it’s watching your couple get jealous. Jealousy is a petty emotion, but it makes for some great television. And just like they do with everything else, Kara and Mon-El manage to make jealousy incredibly cute. Because these two are so good, so sweet, it’s like two puppies fighting.

K is for Kryptonite.

We’re speaking of metaphorical Kryptonite, as Mon-El told Kara that she is his. Basically, Mon-El will fall at her knees. She has an incredibly impact of him. Not only has she inspired him to be a better person, but she’s captured his heart in a way no one else has ever done. He’d do anything for her. This might be the one (and only) Kryptonite that we approve of.

L is for Love.

While Kara hasn’t yet said that four letter word, there’s no denying that there’s all the makings of a loving relationship between these two. But hearing Mon-El tell Kara he loves her was as touching as it was heartbreaking (given the circumstances at the time.) But just looking at these two, you can see it in their eyes. It’s just a matter of time.

M is for Musicals.

Whether it’s watching The Wizard of Oz together on the couch or living a real-life musical, musicals have an importance for Karamel. A lie tore them apart, but a musical brought them back together.

N is for Not perfect.

Kara and Mon-El are not perfect. And we could not be more relieved. Because where’s the fun in that? Kara and Mon-El continue to make mistakes and continue to make amends. They show us an accurate portrayal of a healthy relationship (minus the whole alien thing.)

O is for OTP or OTA.

As in One True Pairing or One True Alien. In less than just one season, Supergirl has shown us the makings of OTP and endgame as Kara and Mon-El continue to surprise. They weren’t a ship I saw coming. But as soon as it hit me, I was a goner.

P is for Partners.

Is there anything better than partners in life and in work? I didn’t think so. So it’s a treat to watch Kara and Mon-El be partners out in the field, as well as at home after a long day’s work protecting National City. They have each other’s backs; they support each other. Always.

Q is for Quirks.

Name me a cuter couple with adorable puppy-like cuteness – I’ll wait. That’s what I thought. Kara and Mon-El as individuals have their little quirks that make them beyond endearing and always manage to bring a smile to your face. Together? They’re lethal with their cuteness.

R is for Respect.

While they might disagree from time to time, there’s no denying that Kara and Mon-El respect each other and each other’s decisions. There’s never been a question of that respect. But it’s definitely something that is a strength in their relationship.

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S is for Sacrifice.

There’s nothing greater than sacrifice. It’s something that is the ultimate test of a relationship. What are you willing to give up for your significant other? They’ve risked themselves for each other. The fact that Mon-El was willing to sacrifice his happiness to ensure that Kara live, that tells you all you need to know.

T is for Trust.

Despite the small hurdle Kara and Mon-El had to overcome in regards to his origin, there is a deep level of trust between the two. On more than one occasion they’ve had to put each other’s lives in the other’s hands or had to trust that the other was making the right decision.

U is for Understanding.

It’s kind of ironic considering Kara and Mon-El, who hail from warring planets, began their relationship with this prejudice and unwarranted hate. But this season has shown the two be more open to acceptance, and how they’ve developed this understanding of each other. It’s really beautiful.

V is for Verbal.

Kara and Mon-El aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Perhaps that’s why we get so many adorable, little spats between the two as they aren’t afraid to be themselves. It would be easy to keep your feeling inside and eventually develop feelings of spite. Arguing is necessary. Arguing is healthy.

W is for World.

These two mean the world to each other. Kara and Mon-El both save the world and are each other’s world. It’s poetic.

X is for Xs & Os.

All of the hugs and kisses! They’re sweet, they’re heartbreaking, they’re sexy as hell. Supergirl struck gold here with Kara and Mon-El.

GIF (kisses)

Y is for Yearn.

Before Kara and Mon-El became an item, there have been moments where both of them have yearned for the other at some point. Mon-El vyied after Kara’s affections for quite some time, and it was heartbreaking to watch as he opened his soul and she was too scared to accept. But we soon got to see Kara yearn for Mon-El, as well. It’s heartbreaking, but so, so good.

Z is for Zealous.

Kara and Mon-El are still young in their relationship, but there’s already this sense of devotion to each other that makes their bond even stronger. They’re hopelessly devoted… (were you singing that, too?)

Have your own ABCs of Karamel? Sound off in the comments!

Watch Kara and Mon-El electrify us on Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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