‘Supergirl’ SDCC Interview: Jessica Queller & Robert Rovner preview Kara/Lena Aftermath

When you keep a secret, it’s always bound to come out.

So we really shouldn’t be surprised that in last season’s finale of Supergirl, Lena Luthor learned that Kara Danvers, her best friend, was Supergirl and had been lying to her for years.

So what happens with Kara and Lena as a result? Clearly, that’s the question we all have. And when we chatted with the Supergirl executive producers Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner at Comic-Con, we had to ask.

“Whether or not their friendship can recover from that is going to be a central storyline throughout the season,” Queller told us. “It’s going to be very emotional and we’re all, I think, really invested in their friendship.”

Can Kara and Lena’s friendship survive such a betrayal? This season holds all the answers.

Watch our interview with Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner, where they preview the new season.

Supergirl returns Oct. 6 on The CW.

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