Supernatural 10 x 6 Recap: “Ask Jeeves”


As a fan of Supernatural, there really is a special place in my heart for the classic monster-hunting episodes. Especially one where the brothers aren’t really looking for said monster, but stumble across one. And, in the process, the human victims realize that there really are things to be afraid of in the dark. “Ask Jeeves” is one of those episodes.

Then: We are reminded of what it was like with Dean as a demon. How he acted (calling the Men of Letters a load of crap), and how painful the cure was for him. And him pleading with Sam to let them hunt again – Sam accepting only on the terms that Dean lets him know if things “go sideways”. We also see a montage of the brothers discovering monsters. Spirit, Demon, Dragons, Tulpa, Djinn, Shapeshifter, Vampirates, Fairies, etc. Oh, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Wait, no. Just kidding.

Now: We open in New Canaan, Connecticut. Phillip, the butler, comforts the maids, Colette and Olivia, on Bunny Lacoix’s death. Saying she was a good woman. But that there is also work to be done. In less than 24 hours, the family will be arriving for the funeral and the reading of the will. It is their duty to make sure the manor is in good condition. Colette is assigned the duty of picking out the outfit Bunny is to be buried in. Olivia, the new hire, gets to clean the bathrooms. She complains about her assignment and Phillip shushes her, saying that Colette has seniority. Upstairs in Bunny’s room, Colette sifts through outfits and jewelry. She stops at a strand of pearls and puts them on, looking at herself in the mirror. The door creaks open and she peaks around the corner, but doesn’t really pay any mind, too consumed with the necklace she is wearing. She hears the door close and goes to investigate, still wearing the pearls. She hears footsteps behind her, turns and finds Bunny Lacroix. “But you’re dead!” Colette gasps out, backing into the hallway. Bunny rips at the pearls, causing the strand to break. Colette still backs up. She slips on the pearls and falls over the bannister. Her screams die when she crashes into a glass table on the first floor. Phillip races in, hearing the commotion. “What have you done?” He looks up at Bunny. Not at all surprised that she’s there. Bunny glares and walks away.

Dean works on the Impala. Sam comes out of a motel with individually brewed coffee cups in his hands. He comments on the technology. Dean looks skeptically at the small paper cups but accepts the free drink anyways. “Real men don’t drink out of cups this small.” He growls. He takes a sip and pauses. “What’s that, cinnamon roll?” He asks. “It’s glazed donut.” Sam answers. He goes on to tell Dean that if he doesn’t want it – “Nah, it’s—got it.” Dean responds and takes another drink. Dean asks if there’s been any leads on cases, anywhere. On the interwebs or scanner. Sam says there’s nothing. Dean scoffs at their luck. That as soon as they’re ready to jump back into hunting, there’s radio silence. Sam agrees, saying it’s Murphy’s Law. “Well, Murphy’s a douche.” Dean grumbles. Dean asks Sam if he wants to go to Connecticut. He explains that he found one of Bobby’s old cellphones in the car and that an heiress has bequeathed something to Bobby Singer. Sam and Dean, being the next of kin, decide that they’ll go and claim it.

The brothers drive to Bunny LaCroix’s manor. They’re excited about not needing to go undercover and walk up to the door, ringing the doorbell. Olivia answers the door, Sam and Dean introduce themselves. She asks if Bobby would be coming, Dean explains that he passed away. They both exchange “sorry for your loss”. She escorts them in to meet the family members. A woman stands, eyeing Sam (Oh boy), asking if they’re of the Weschester Winchesters. They stammer and say there’s no relation. “You two are… adorable.” She slurs. (OH-KAY) The woman introduces herself as Heddy, Bunny’s cousin. She introduces her sister, Beverly, who greets them. She points around the room, introducing the family members. Stanton, the younger brother, is playing pool while his “child bride” Amber hovers over him. Dash is the baby of the family, Bunny’s great-nephew who’s in Harvard business. He asks Sam and Dean how they knew Bunny. Sam and Dean explain that their surrogate dad, Bobby, knew her. The family has no idea who he is. “But you can clue us in over the weekend.” Beverly adds. Apparently the reading of the will would be the next day and the family (and brothers) have been invited to stay the night. Heddy walks away from the brothers, but not before smacking Dean on the rear. Dean eyes her awkwardly. (CREEPY) Amber asks where Colette was. Phillip explains that she quit because she was too distressed over Bunny’s passing and went off to found herself. Phillip asks the brothers to meet him in the hallway. Beverly approaches Sam and asks him, flirting, if he works out. Sam awkwardly smiles at her, Dean throws a teasing smile at Sam.

The brothers meet the butler in the hallway. Phillip offers to give the brothers what Bunny bequeathed to Bobby so they don’t have to stay any longer. Dean takes it as a slight, but Phillip says that the brothers are far too good for the family. That even though the Lacroix family acts rich, they were all hit hard during the recession. The butler hands Dean and Sam a sealed envelope. They open it and take out a cross. Sam and Dean go to get it appraised, thinking it’s loaded with expensive jewels. But the pawn shop clerk says the jewels are all fake. He pulls the end of the cross off, revealing a key underneath. The brothers decide to go back to the manor and ask Phillip what it’s for.

Amber and Stanton get into a fight in their room. Stanton accuses her of sexting under the table during dinner. That Beverly saw it. Amber brings up how Lance, Bunny’s husband, always claimed that Bunny slept around and that she didn’t love him. She says that Stanton is acting just like him. Stanton says that it’s true. “How dare you! Your sister’s dead.” Amber scoffs. She leaves and goes into the bathroom. Stanton hears a voice call his name. He yells at Amber, thinking it was her. She yells back that she didn’t say anything. He follows the voices down the hallway. Lance comes at him from around the corner. Amber hears Stanton scream and goes to see what happened. Stanton is promptly beheaded. Amber screams.

Dean and Sam arrive back at the manor. Phillip answers the door, looking nervous. They ask if everything was okay. “Not really.” Phillip states. The brothers push past the butler and into the foyer. There, they encounter Detective Howard from the New Canaan, P.D. The detective orders that everyone is being detained inside the house until he figures out who murdered Stanton. (Yes, this episode is going to be very Clue-like) The brothers walk into a room and see Dash and Heddy fighting with each other. Heddy claims that Amber killed Stanton. “And what’s her motive, Murder She Wrote?” Dash fires back. Heddy claims that everyone knew Amber was sleeping around and wanted to leave Stanton, but that the prenuptial agreement was ironclad. And that’s why she killed him. She laughs about Amber claiming that Lance killed Stanton. Dash and Heddy continue to fight. Sam and Dean whisper to each other about the possibility of a vengeful spirit. But they can’t get to their EMF detectors in the car with the detective watching everyone’s moves. They agree to split up, Dean hunting “old school” for cold spots, Sam staying with the family.

Dean walks down a hallway, looking in a knight in armor. Sam talks with Dash, asking about why everyone seems fine with losing two family members. Dash says that the family really doesn’t like each other. Sam comments that some families like each other – like the Winchester family. Dash says that he’s lucky. That it’s a miracle that they’ve been under the same roof for 24 hours. Sam asks why Dash is so sure that Amber didn’t kill Stanton. Dash says she has trouble using WiFi. That she’s not really capable of murder. Dean snoops around in the hallway. He passes a bedroom and comes across the outline of Stanton’s body. He looks at the bookshelf to his right and sees a book with a symbol of the cross that was bequeathed to Bobby on it. He pulls out the book, and the bookshelf clicks, shooting out from the wall. Behind the bookshelf is a door with a lock. Sam asks about what Dash thinks about the ghost story. Dash says it wouldn’t be a surprise. That no one really mourned Lance except for Bunny. That the husband was a jerk. The inspector calls Dash’s name, saying he needs his statement. Dean uses his key and opens the door. Inside he finds rope, creepy dolls, half-eaten food, a TV, a toy dog, more dolls… and feet sticking out from a rolled up carpet. Behind him, he hears footsteps. It’s Olivia. Olivia claims that Phillip locked her in that room because she wouldn’t lie about what she saw. She says that Phillip put Colette’s body in the room. That Bunny killed Colette. Sam plays cards with Beverly and Heddy. Dean walks in with Olivia. Sam excuses himself and the brothers talk. Dean says they’re dealing with two vengeful spirits. That Phillip is covering for the, “acting like their Renfield”.

The brothers split to find Phillip. Dean is to search the downstairs. Sam, upstairs. The detective calls Sam’s name. Sam ducks down a hallway just as the detective comes looking for him. He turns a corner, running straight into Beverly. She stops him, flirting with him. She… suggests… so much. (Uuuugh) She breathes heavily, saying that Sam can do a lot in ten minutes, before the detective interrogates her. Sam agrees, she walks into her room. He walks past the room and runs off. Dean opens a door to a hallway and walks in. He picks up a wrench before he goes into a bedroom. (Really?) There, Phillip is standing at the mirror. Dean asks what he’s doing with secret rooms and dead maids. The butler says he can explain. Sam finds himself in a dark kitchen. He sees a pool of blood on the floor. He arms himself with a knife (REALLY??) and rounds the corner. There, he finds Phillip with a knife in his back. (OKAY SO WHO IS DEAN TALKING TO?) “Phillip” tells Dean that he didn’t want another death marring Bunny Lacroix’s funeral. Dean gets a text from Sam saying that he found Phillip’s body. “Phillip” knocks Dean to the ground and races out of the room. Dean follows him, finding his clothes and skin on the floor. (OH-HO. A Shapeshifter!)

Sam and Dean stand over dead Phillip. Olivia comes across them and shouts out. Dean and Sam swear they didn’t do it. They find the silverware, the expensive kind made from real silver, and arm themselves. They split up again to find the family – and find out if one of them is the Shapeshifter. Sam finds Beverly and Heddy. He braces himself and sits on the couch in between the two women. He puts his arms around them, placing silver butter knives against their bare shoulders. Dean finds Dash and Amber in a closet, passionately making out. He orders them to touch the silver candlestick (HAH) he’s holding, or that he’ll tell the family what’s going on. They do it. “Did we pass?” Amber asks. Dean walks into the room with Sam, Heddy, and Beverly. He tenses saying “And it’s all going to hell. Right here, right now.” The family hears a scream coming from down the hall. Olivia.

The brothers race out of the room, the family following. Amber and Dash meet them at the bathroom. There, the detective has been drowned in the toilet. “Well, we got a floater.” Dean states. (Thank you, Dean.) The family starts throwing around blame. Dean tries to stop them. Olivia. Amber. Who finally admits that she’s sleeping with Dash. And Dash admits that he’s in love. Heddy puts the blame on Dash. “Oh, the old lady doth protest too much.” Dash fires back. He puts the blame on Heddy and Beverly. Beverly announces that she’s leaving. Dean stops her. She steps closer to Dean, he pushes her away. “See, I don’t trust anyone and leaving just makes you look guilty.” He snarls. Sam agrees and announces there’s four corpses. The brothers plead for the family to stop arguing so they can solve the murders. Finally, the family agrees – only to blame Sam and Dean. Dash claims that nothing bad ever happened at any other gatherings, and that obviously Sam and Dean are behind the murders. Dash pulls out a gun and points it at the brothers. “Don’t even think about it. I hunt pheasant.” He threatens (Really? WANT TO SEE WHAT THEY HUNT LOSER). The family lock the brothers in an office so they can call the cops. Sam and Dean tell him that they’re not the bad guys. “I beg to differ,” Dash says, “You’re wearing flannel.”

Sam searches the desk and finds keys. Dean says the door is locked from the outside. He tries to wrench the door open with one of the knives, but the knife bends. It turns out the silver is stainless steel, made in Taiwan. Not even real! The family talk about what they’re going to do with Sam and Dean. Dash claims that they wanted their inheritance. Amber urges Dash to put down the gun. He does. Heddy and Beverly claim that Sam and Dean are homosexual murderers. (REALLY?) Olivia walks into the room. The family orders her to call the police. “Oh I don’t think so?” She says. Heddy laughs and says that she’s still on the clock even if there is a killer. “Don’t you know if it’s not the butler, it’s the maid?” Olivia picks up the gun that Dash put down. Dean and Sam see the scene on a security monitor. “We got played by the maid.” Dean says.

Dean tries to break down the door but fails. Reinforced. Olivia tells her story to the family. She says she’s not the maid, but Bunny’s daughter. Sam searches a cabinet while Dean watches the scene on the monitor. Olivia says that, outside of Bunny, Phillip was the only one who knew the true story. Olivia was devoted to her mother. More than the family ever was. Bunny had locked her up in the attic. After Bunny died, Phillip took pity on Olivia and let her out. He told her to pose as the new maid. Colette was an accidental kill. Olivia just wanted to scare her out of stealing jewelry. But she does want to kill the family. After the murder, Phillip locked her back in the room. Then Dean let her out and she killed Phillip. Sam finds a gun safe and Dean throws him the keys. Sam cocks a gun and shoots the lock. The family backs against a wall at the sound. Olivia shoots at Sam when he comes around the corner. She runs. Sam follows. “Did anyone else wet themselves?” Heddy asks.

Sam follows Olivia into the kitchen. She fires at him. He ducks behind a counter. They’re both at a standstill. “Killing you is the next best thing to killing Bobby Singer.” Olivia tells Sam. Sam asks what her beef with Bobby was. Olivia says that Bobby killed her father. That Bunny had an affair with a Shifter. She got pregnant, and told Lance the baby was his. He believed it until Bunny came back from the hospital. The real father was waiting for them. Lance was killed, no match for a Shifter. But Bobby stopped the father before he could take Olivia and disappear. Bobby came after Olivia but Bunny pleaded that he would spare her. Bobby agreed if Bunny would lock Olivia up. Bunny told the family that she lost the baby and locked her in the attic. But Bunny remained devoted to Olivia until she died. Sam tells Olivia that Bobby spared her and she should be grateful. Olivia says it would’ve been kinder to kill her. Sam tells her that being a monster is a choice. “The choice was made for me a long time ago.” Olivia says. Sam backs away from Olivia when she comes into view. She asks why he hasn’t taken a shot. She guesses that he doesn’t have silver bullets. She stiffens suddenly, Dean shooting her from behind. Sam was a diversion while Dean could run out to the car, and get the silver bullets. He keeps shooting her, after she’s collapsed. Overkill.

The family is escorted outside by the brothers. Dash is talking to the police on his phone. Dean and Sam head towards the Impala. Dash stops them. He apologizes for blaming them for the murders. Sam says it was fine. That he was protecting his family from the murders and there’s nothing wrong with that. (Aww!) Dash tells the brothers that everything was left to Olivia aside from the pendant. Dean gives Dash the pendant. Dash asks how he can repay the brothers. Dean says just to forget they were ever there. Dash says he wants to tell the world what heroes Sam and Dean are. Dean says it’s nobody’s business and that he’s serious. He says he’ll come back for Dash if he says anything. (Hah)

Sam and Dean drive on down the road. Sam why Dean took the extra shots after the Shifter was dead. (Uh oh. The Mark) Sam asks if it was demon residue or something to do with the Mark. Dean says no. Dean says it was his first kill, he got anxious, and wanted to do it right. He blares the radio, shuts up Sam. Bob Seger’s Travelin’ Man comes on. Sam looks out of the window, eyebrows furrowed.

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