‘Supernatural’ 13×09 Review: The Bad Place

‘Supernatural’ 13×09 Photos & Sneak Peeks: The Bad Place

Supernatural’s “The Bad Place” had Jack return to the picture, proved that Mary was alive to the Winchesters, and set up the final pieces for the arrival of Wayward Sisters. This mid-season finale also set us, and the Winchesters, on an uncharted path of universe hopping and possible dinosaur sightings. We’re so ready for whatever comes next and know that the Winchesters will survive as long as they’re at each others side.

Let’s talk Supernatural’s “The Bad Place!

Wayward Sisters is Coming and It’s Gonna Be Beautiful!

Last week Supernatural made me fall in love with Alice. This week I’ve fallen in love with Kaia. In one episode I learned about her strengths, her struggles, and the fact that she’s got bite and fire no matter what comes her way. She’s brave AF and is going to be an amazing addition to the Wayward Sisters team.

When Supernatural returns it’s going to feature the backdoor pilot to Wayward Sisters and I’m so confident that it’ll do well. Supernatural has taken care of this concept and treated it with the respect it deserves from day one. And with their unique ability to expand on side characters stories in a way that feels fulfilling but not overwhelming, there’s already an amazing world ready for us to explore and fall in love with.

While we’re talking about Wayward Sisters I’d like to give a special shoutout to Patience. She has the world ahead of her, Ivy League schools that will propel her forward into an unimaginable career. And instead of choosing that stable future she decided to do what was right, to help people. Her father’s ultimatum hurts but I’m sure, just like Patience is sure, that she’s making the right decision.

January 18th and the arrival of Wayward Sisters can’t get here fast enough!

Jack Kline, Honorary Winchester

It’s understandable that Dean and Sam jumped to the conclusion that Jack was looking for his father in “The Bad Place.” They’ve had a long history with Lucifer and that doesn’t go away because they’re taking care of his kid. That being said, I’m really proud of the Winchesters for giving Jack a chance to explain himself and accepting his words as truth. We’re over arguing if Jack is evil or not. He’s not evil. He’s got a family made of strength, light, and love. That doesn’t leave you without a mark and doesn’t make you exempt from getting a little confused sometimes.

No one’s perfect. Not even our nougat son, Jack.

Let’s talk about Jack’s family and take a moment to wipe the family feels tears off our faces. Jack has a family that he chose because he has free will. Even better, Dean, the hardest nut to crack because he’s so distrustful, acknowledged that Jack was family and that gives me enough feels to fully accept Jack as an honorary Winchester like we did way back when with Castiel.

Jack’s separation from the Winchester’s is unfortunate but I have faith in him like I believe Sam and Dean have in him. He’s proven himself and you better believe that he will protect Mary with his life if he needs to. And once he figures out how to get them out of there Jack and Mary will find a way to get to Sam and Dean. Why? Because they’re family. *wipes more family feels away*

Dean’s Anger & Pointing a Gun at Kaia

Taking Kaia by force was a big mistake. There’s no better way to guarantee that she’ll be wary of hunters from here on out than kidnapping. Yes, she worked with Jack to control her powers and open a portal to rescue their mom. And yes, she showed how powerful and essential she was to Jack and everyone in the room, including herself. But the ends sometimes don’t justify the means, Dean Winchester.

If anything, Dean’s anger paints a picture of self loathing and hate towards himself. He denied that his mother was alive for so long and here is this nephilim with proof that she is alive and calling out for help. Still doesn’t mean that he has to hold a young lady at gunpoint to get his way. I love Dean but this screamed of stranger danger and it’s definitely going to leave a lasting impression on Kaia and make it harder for her to assimilate with Jodi and the rest of the Wayward Sister team.

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s “The Bad Place”:

Supernatural really has a gif for everything now.


Supernatural returns Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 8 p.m. with the backdoor pilot to Wayward Sisters.

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