‘Supernatural’: Jensen Ackles talks exploring Dean’s storyline in season 10

Fans were stunned at the closing scene of the Supernatural season 9 finale, where Dean died and returned as a demon. It’s a moment that the audience won’t soon forget, and it’s something that Jensen Ackles is looking forward to portraying.

“I will say that with every twist and turn of the storyline, I’ve always taken comfort knowing that I can find the Dean within that storyline,” Ackles stated at the fifth Jus In Bello Con in Rome. “I think that to add the demon aspect is going to be challenging because I might not be able to outwardly play Dean, so it will be very internalized which sometimes doesn’t translate to screen. As an actor you have to find a way to relate that to the screen and that could be a bit of a challenge.”

While Ackles hasn’t yet seen a script for season 10, he’s confident that the writers will take care of Dean within the story.

“I’m interested in what the writers are going…and really that’s going to dictate how/where Dean goes, is the way that they write him,” Ackles explained. “I have a lot of faith in our writers as they have a lot of faith in us and I think the collaboration will hopefully be something that you guys enjoy.”

Supernatural returns for its 10th season Tuesdays this fall at 9/8c.

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