Supernatural Marathon on TNT; All February Long!


Hunters! Have you noticed a lot more Supernatural marathons this month? Well, you wouldn’t be wrong! TNT has been running a special celebration of our beloved TV show all February long!

Each Wednesday, our favorites episodes air from 1PM to 8PM (ET/PT). The first week included the “fun” episodes: Hell House, Ghostfacers and Mystery Spot. Week #2 was Bobby themed (Dream a Little Dream of Me, Weekend at Bobby’s and Death’s Door). The next two weeks will feature time-traveling and Dean-themed episodes.

Today, however, if you tune yourselves to TNT, you’ll find a 10 hour marathon in the works. Yes! That’s right! Until 9PM,  the Super-Meta Marathon is playing. Great “meta” episodes like Slash Fiction, Changing Channels and The French Mistake are queued.

So, Hunters and all peoples curious about the TV show itself, head over to TNT to watch our favorite episodes. The ones that show two brothers, fighting for us and for themselves, against a whole lot of monster. And don’t forget to tweet about the shows with #TNTRewatch. You might get your own tweet scrolling at the bottom of the screen!

Happy watching, Supernatural fandom!


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