Supernatural Recap 10 x 5: “Fan Fiction”

On September 15, 2005, it all started with a quaint home in Lawrence, Kansas. A young mother with blond hair carries a boy into an infant’s room. Later, this mother is on the ceiling, engulfed in flames, with a deep cut on her torso. Five minutes later, we meet present day Sam and Dean Winchester. We learn about the “family business”. And we learn that their dad is missing. These are the images that dive us into the world of Supernatural.

An astounding 200 episodes later, these boys have grown. This show has grown. Their fanbase has grown. And as a tribute to the fans, the cast and crew bring us “Fan Fiction”.

Then: “SUPERNATURAL ‘Pilot’ Created By Eric Kripke” is typed on a blank page.

Now: Curtains open. A girl sits on a couch, reading a book. The lights flicker. A ghost falls from the ceiling. She screams out. Two other girls in rugged-looking costumes kick the door down. “Ghost, meet Winchester” one of them says. (Wait, what?) “Cut!” another girl yells off stage. The director steps on stage, criticizing the girls. She says the scene takes place before “the events of Carver Edlund’s unpublished masterpiece Dark Side of the Moon.” She asks Siobhan (who plays “Dean”) where the Samulet is. Siobhan strips off her Dean-like wig complaining that the amulet kept hitting her in the lips. “The Samulet is a symbol of the Winchester’s brotherly love!” The director exclaims. She tells Siobhan to take one for the team. A fight begins on stage. A woman in the front row looks up from her cellphone. She gets the attention of the girls. The drama teacher says that she’s had three weeks of “this crap show” and that there is too much drama in the drama department. She grabs her stuff. As she’s walking out of the auditorium, she tells the girls that she’s going to the principal to get the show taken down. Marie objects, pleads with her. “It’s over, Marie.” Mrs. Chandler says. Marie turns back to the actresses. She orders them back to the beginning of the play. “Until we are all suspended, the show must go on.” She proclaims.

Outside, Mrs. Chandler leaves the school. “Why couldn’t they just do Godspell like good little skanks?” She criticizes into her phone. She complains about how the play is an awful horror story. She takes a swig of something and jokes about how that stuff really does happen. (Oh well all know she’s going to die in a minute!) She says theater is about life and truth. She notices a rustling in the bushes as she says “Where’s the truth in Supernatural?” Naturally, she goes to investigate. She screams out as she’s sucked into the bushes by vines.

The Supernatural title card comes on, and the camera pans out. Marie is evaluating the sign that they’re going to use for the play. She nods her head. She says it’s close but it needs a little more…

And we see a chronological montage of all the title cards ever made! Including ones that were just for one episode. Including “A Very Supernatural Christmas”, X-Files “Supernatural”, Old West “Supernatural”, “Warner Bros presents Supernatural”, and “Metatron”.

Dean works on The Impala. “Sundown” by Gordon Lightfoot plays in the background. “Fan Fiction”, the title of the episode, appears at the bottom of the screen. He closes the hood and walks to the trunk. He looks up, making sure no one is around, lifting the lid. We see that they’re in an empty motel lot. Sam comes out of a motel room, looking groggy. He asks Dean how long he’s been up. “Long enough to get us a case” Dean responds. “I take it that means you’re feeling back to normal?” Sam asks skeptically. “Yeah, whatever normal is in our world.” Dean hands Sam a newspaper and reads an article about a teacher disappearing in Flint, Michigan. Sam points out that there’s nothing in the article to suggest they have a case. Dean says there’s nothing there that suggests there isn’t a case. He tells Sam that hunting is the only normal he knows. “We got work to do.” He says and closes Baby’s trunk.

The brothers arrive at the school. Sam recites the facts. That Mrs. Chandler was last seen in the auditorium. And that she’s the drama teacher. Dean groans about theater kids. Sam quips back that he was one. Dean says it was okay until they did Oklahoma. “Hugh Jackman got cast off of Oklahoma!” Sam says. Dean: “You ran tech, Wolverine.” Sam: “Shut up.” The brothers completely miss the sign they walk under saying “Supernatural: The Musical.”

I cackle. Oh this is going to be so much fun!

The principal lets them into the auditorium. And Sam thanks her. Both he and Dean stop dead in their tracks (hah!), though, when they hear someone to their right shout out: “Idjits!” The person turns around, it’s an actress dressed like Bobby. Sam and Dean look at each other, confused. Their attention is drawn to another actress yelling out “Hey, Assbutt!”. She’s dressed like Cas. Sam and Dean jump when the piano starts playing. “Dean” (aka Siobhan) starts singing about the brother’s lives in “The Road So Far” up on stage – a song about the Winchester brother’s past (what we learned in first season) and how close the siblings are. The real Sam and Dean, however, watch confused and aghast.

Marie calls cut, stopping the music. Sam and Dean grapple for words. “What in the holy—” Dean starts. “If there is a case… probably has something to do with all this.” Sam gapes. “You think?” Dean scoffs. The assistant gets Marie’s attention and nods to Sam and Dean. She asks if they are the publisher. Marie nods, racing to them. Siobhan, “Dean”, and Maggie, “Sam”, talk about how Marie never stops. Marie starts explaining to Sam and Dean about how what they just saw was a dry run. But Sam stops her by flashing his FBI badge. “Sam” and “Dean” on stage do the same thing. They introduce themselves to Marie. Sam starts to explain why he and Dean are there. But Dean interjects “There’s no singing in Supernatural!” The assistant explains that it’s Marie’s interpretation. Dean says that if there was singing it would be classic rock, not “Andrew Floyd Webber crap”! Marie says they do sign a cover of Carry On My Wayward Son in Act 2. “Really?” Sam scoffs. “It’s a classic!” Both Dean and Marie say.

Sam brings the topic back to Mrs. Chandler and the case. He asks where she might’ve been going last night. The assistant says she was probably going to a bar or liquor store, maybe both. Marie explains that she had a nasty divorce last year. That most of the time she’s drinking alcohol or passed out. And usually in that order. Sam asks Maeve, the assistant, who also understudies Jody Mills (WHAT), if she can give him a behind the scenes tour of the production. Dean will go with Marie to Mrs. Chandler’s office. The brothers take a moment for themselves before moving forward with the case. “I’m going to throw up.” Dean states. Sam, on the other hand, is trying to see the glass half full. “It’s kind of charming.” He suggests. He goes on to fanboy about the production. Dean glares at him. Sam (again) orders Dean to look for cursed objects and he’ll look for EMF.

Back stage, Dean finds the prop table. He lifts a gun and messes with it. Like a kid in a toy store. Marie scoffs, and yanks it out of his hands. Dean asks her what “Sam” and “Dean” talking next to the “Impala” are doing. She says they’re rehearsing the “B.M.” scene. “The bowel movement scene?” Dean asks. “The boy melodrama scene!” Marie explains. It’s the scene where they drive or lean against Baby and share their feelings. But wait. Something’s not right. “Sam” and “Dean” are standing way too close together. Dean points it out. “Reasons…” Marie vaguely explains. “You know they’re brothers, right?” Marie says she knows. “But… subtext.” He shouts to “Sam” and “Dean” to take a step away from each other. Both of them do.

In the lighting booth, Sam asks Maeve if she noticed anything strange during the production. Any weird noises. “You mean something like this?” She plays with the soundboard. It issues screams, growls, weird noises. Sam tries to talk to her. She leaves the room, needed somewhere else. “Please don’t touch anything.” She orders. And, of course, Sam plays with the lights.

Dean messes around with the “alcohol” and picks up a robot head. He asks what that’s all about. Marie says it’s a prop from Act 2. “There’s no space in Supernatural.” Dean interjects. Marie explains that it’s transformative fiction. “You mean fan fiction.” Dean laughs.

(Heh! Title drop! … wait. How does Dean know about fan fiction?)

Marie says Chuck stopped writing after Swan Song. That she couldn’t leave it the way it was. She says she wrote her own ending. With spaceships, robots, ninjas, and Dean becoming a woman. For a few scenes. Dean summarizes to her what happened to the brothers, canonically, in the last five seasons (Spoilers!). “So Sam came back from hell, but without his soul. Then Cas brought in a bunch of Leviathans from Purgatory. They lost Bobby. And then Cas and Dean got stuck in Purgatory. Sam hit a dog. They met a prophet named Kevin and lost him too. Then Sam underwent a series of trials in an attempt to close the gates of Hell. Which nearly cost him his life. And Dean? Well, Dean became a demon. A Knight of Hell, actually.” Dean gloats. Marie gapes, and then exclaims: “That is some of the worst fan fiction I’ve ever heard!” She calls it garbage. Dean notices “Cas” and “Dean” embracing. Marie says the actresses are a couple in real life. But she adds that they do explore Destiel in Act 2. (Let us take a moment: THEY ACTUALLY REFERENCED DESTIEL!) Marie adds “Oh it’s just subtext. But you can’t spell ‘subtext’ without ‘s-e-x-‘”

Back in the parking lot, Sam and Dean meet up. Dean is flustered about the idea of Destiel. Sam doesn’t understand it. Or, rather, the pronunciation of the word. Nah, he’s just teasing his brother. But he does bring up the idea of “Sastiel” (aka Sam + Castiel). And, aww, Dean’s getting ruffled and protective. (Maybe not. But… subtext. *winks* Oh I imagine a lot of Sastiel coming Tumblr’s way now.) Sam gets serious. He says there’s no case. And Dean agrees. “Cas-Dean?” Sam quips. “Shut your face! Get in the car!” Dean growls. (Aww.)

Marie and Maggie (“Sam”) leave the school at night. Maggie is in a huff. She says she’s not going to have any part in the play anymore. That if it’s not canon, it shouldn’t be in the show. That she’s going to finish what Mrs. Chandler started and go to the principal. Maggie stops, hearing a rustling in the bushes. She sees a scarecrow standing before her. She screams and turns to run, but the scarecrow grabs her, dragging her away. Marie hears Maggie’s screams and witnesses the scarecrow.

Marie looks stunned sitting on stage. Sam and Dean go over the evidence in the seats. Dean says nothing was on the surveillance tapes. Sam points out that a flower was left behind, just like with Mrs. Chandler. Maeve hands Marie a glass of water. Dean and Sam approach her. Marie asks if they came to laugh at her too. They ask what really happened. Marie explained what she saw. The scarecrow. She said adults told her she just had an overactive imagination. Stunned, she says that monsters exist: demons, angels, everything. “I want to believe.” Maeve adds (Hah! X-Files!)

Dean and Sam explain they are the real things, the actual brothers. The girls laugh, saying they’re too old to be Sam and Dean. Maybe a Rufus-Bobby combo. The brothers try a different tactic: they say they are hunters. Maggie explains that she changed the scarecrow from the books. That she got scared by a local legend. Sam and Dean think it might be a Tulpa. An idea. Maggie says in Hell House how Sam and Dean killed the Tulpa. You kill the symbol, you kill the thing. Tulpas require a ton of psychic energy. Dean goes after the scarecrow, Sam follows the lead on the flower left behind.

Maggie takes Dean to the boiler room. Says the scarecrow is horrifying. When they see the actual scarecrow, Dean scoffs. “Really?” He asks her if she wants to break down the “asshat”, destroy the scarecrow. Maggie quips that comment is very Dean. Job well done.

They meet up with Sam and Maeve. Sam says it’s not a Tulpa but Calliope, the Goddess of Epic Poety. A Muse. She uses the manifestations to protect and inspire the author until the visions are realized. And then, she eats the author. Marie suggests she could just cancel the play. But trying to cancel the show will end up with a one way street to dead. So, Sam and Dean have to help the show be a success. (The show must go on! Woohoo!)

Marie has an anxiety attack. She kicks a trashcan and races into the kitchen. She grabs a plastic bag and breathes into it. Sam races off to go do the blessing. Maeve asks if Marie’s going to be eaten. Dean says he won’t let that happen. Dean approaches Marie, and encourages her, even though he hates the interpretation. “So we can kill Calliope and save your friends. Can you do that?” He says. Marie becomes inspired. “If Sam and Dean were real, they wouldn’t back down from a fight.” She says, “Especially my sweet, brave, selfless, Sam.” Marie turns. She takes off her hat and glasses. She puts on a Sam wig. “Writer. Director. Actor. I’m gonna Barbara Streisand this bitch.”

It’s opening night. The crowd files into their seats. Marie double checks her cast as they line up on stage. Siobhan has the Samulet on. Dean about it. Sam asks where Chuck is. Marie says she’s not a fan of Meta fiction. “Me too.” Both Sam and Dean agree. Dean rallies in the troupes. “You’re all here because you love Supernatural.” Fake Mary Winchester interrupts, saying she wanted to do Wicked. Dean pauses. “It’s all about Marie’s vision.” He continues. He praises Marie for her adaptation of the books. (And the TV show, heh!) “No day but today.” He adds. “Did he just quote Wicked?” Maeve asks Marie. She responds: “Not enough to get us in trouble.” The actresses make a circle, putting their hands in. “GHOOOST—facers” they cheer. Sam and Dean look at each other.

Marie steps on stage and starts introducing the play. She points out to the front row that they may want to use the ponchos under the seats that were provided for them (Singing In The Rain reference, anyone?) The music starts and she races behind the curtain. “The Road So Far” starts. During the opening song, Dean and Sam (the real ones) stand back stage. Sam hunts for the scarecrow. Dean stands near Maeve, nodding his head to the music. Dean tries to get Sam’s attention. The scarecrow appeared right behind Sam, coming out of some scenery! Sam’s grabbed. Dean races around the cast and crew of the production, trying to get to Sam. “The Road So Far” continues on stage. Marie watches nervously as Sam is taken through the scenery. Dean arrives too late.

In the basement, Sam gains his consciousness. He sees Maggie and Mrs. Chandler. He tries to find a way out. Calliope appears out of the shadows. Sam attacks her. He’s knocked back. She’s too powerful.

On stage, “Cas” and “Dean” talk on the phone. “Cas” sings beautifully “I’ll Just Wait Here Then.” Backstage, the real Dean and Marie go over the plan. The play is to keep moving forward. He’ll take down Calliope when she appears. The audience cheers “Cas”.

Calliope and Sam talk in the basement. She says there’s something special about the play. Maybe because the actual inspiration is standing in front of her. Maggie and Mrs. Chandler look on in shock, backed against a bookcase. Calliope proclaims that she might just kill Sam and Dean to find out. She groans about the second Act and not wanting to sit through it again. “There’s robots, and tentacles, in space.” She grimaces. “I can’t even.”

Marie (“Sam”) sings “A Single Man Tear” on stage about the brother’s love. The audience gasps when “Dean” exorcises the “demon”. The fourth wall breaks as the scarecrow comes back on stage. Real Dean runs across the stage and tackles him. Maeve proclaims that they’re “through the looking glass” and ad libs. She tells the understudies to get in hair and makeup.

Sam asks Calliope why Supernatural. She fangirls, a bit. “It has everything. Life, death, resurrection, redemption. But above all: family. Also music you can really tap your toe to… It’s epic.” She explains. (I sense this is a nod to the fans – how the fans feel about Supernatural.)

Dean is thrown around on stage, crashing into scenery. The audience gasps at the fight. Marie watches nervously. But the play continues. “Dean” has started to sing “A Single Man Tear.”

Maggie channels “Sam” and hits Calliope over the head.

Dean hits the scarecrow. And is knocked back. The scarecrow starts after Marie.

Sam fights the Calliope.

On stage, Marie channels “Sam” too. She shouts out “No chick flick moments!” as she grabs the blessed stick and charges the scarecrow. She stabs him through the middle. He stumbles back.

Sam stabs Calliope at the same time.

Both monsters explode with a horrible purple goo. The audience looks in shock. The front row is drenched in the goo. Then, slowly, the audience applauds. Dean pushes Marie up by “Dean”. “Take a bow, Sammy.” He says. He, “Dean”, and “Sammy” take bow awkwardly.

Sam and Maeve meet up. She muses that this is when the brothers usually take off. She thanks Sam for saving her friends. And adds “You know, if you cut your hair a little, you’d make a pretty good Dean.” Dean and Marie meet up. He says she did a pretty good job. And that it was pretty educational, even if he didn’t agree with the adaptation of his story. “Keep writing, Shakespeare.” He encourages. (Aww) Marie stops Dean from walking away. By… calling out… Dean. (Does she know? Or is she just playing along?? I NEED TO KNOW!) She gives him the Samulet as a goodbye present. “You never should’ve thrown this away.” She tells him. “I don’t need a symbol to remind me how I feel about my brother.” He says. “Just take it. Jerk.” “Bitch.” (Aww!) Dean stammers and walks off.

The curtains open. Sam and Dean watch the play go on. Sam says that Dean was right. That staying cooped up wasn’t helping them. He gets distracted by the dialogue on the stage. Dean shushes him, explaining it’s the “B.M. scene”. “Just the two of us.” Fake “Dean” says. Fake “Sammy” agrees: “The two of us against the world.” Sam turns to Dean and says “What she said.” The cast comes out on stage. “Mary Winchester” starts Carry On My Wayward Son. Sam and Dean readjust themselves to watch. “John Winchester” comes on stage. “Bobby” follows.  “Sam” and “Dean”. Then another person the brothers don’t recognize. “Who’s that?” Sam asks. “Oh that’s Adam,” Maeve explains, “John Winchester’s other kid. He’s still trapped in The Cage. In Hell. With Lucifer.” (OH MY GOD!! ADAM REFERENCE!!) The brothers solemnly look at each other.

Sam and Dean drive on down the road. Dean digs in his pocket. He hangs the Samulet on The Impala’s rearview mirror. The brothers look at each other.

Maeve runs up to Marie and interrupts her talking to two patrons. “The ticket you left for the publisher! Someone claimed it!” She points at the back of the auditorium. (Oh my god… oh… my god… IS IT??!) Marie looks at the man in the tan jacket. Her jaw drops. “Oh my gosh. But wait, does that mean Calliope came for me or…” Maeve interrupts her with “Who cares! Go, fangirl!” (IS IT REALLY?!) Marie races up to them man and says hi. (OMG) “Thank you so much for coming!” She gasps and points out the flaws of her play, excusing it. But then she asks the man: “What did you think?” The camera pans through all of this, around Marie, until the man’s face comes into view. (OH MY GOD IT IS) And who is this man? NONE. FREAKING. OTHER. THAN. CHUCK. SHURLEY. Who we haven’t seen since Swan Song. There is absolutely silence. No music, no chatter, nothing. He smiles and looks up at the empty stage, his eyes sparkling. He looks back at Marie. “Not bad.” He says.

Thank you, Supernatural. Thank you, Eric Kripke, for this AMAZING show! It is my absolute favorite. My life has never been the same, and will never be the same again. Congratulations to the cast and crew for a great 200 episodes! May you have 200+ more!

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