Supernatural Recap – Dark Dynasty

3 more weeks. 3 more weeks. 3 more weeks.

In Omaha, Nebraska, a girl walks through an empty hall. The girl hands a smart looking doctor her application for a research project on eyes. The man says that everything looks to be in order, so he looks at her eyes. He begins to lean in to kiss her, and she yells no. The janitor hears and goes to check on them, the doctor slits the girls throat. The janitor is asking if everything is okay, and the man doesn’t reply. The janitor quickly tries to open the door, and the man scoops the girls eyeballs out. He puts them in a jar, stuffs the jar in a backpack and just as he’s about to escape, the janitor opens the door. He runs and jumps out the window, landing perfectly and running.

Sam is yelling at Rowena because she hasn’t cracked the codex yet. The original owner coded the code for herself, so Rowena’s gotta crack a code to crack the code. Rowena tells “Samuel” to remember his part of the bargain, and he says that he has no problem killing Crowley as long as she can crack the codex. Rowena totally has control over Sam, for he doesn’t want Dean to get any worse. Rowena asks Sam to remember the groceries, he responds grudgingly.

Elton, the “doctor” that killed the girl, is talking to another evil Cajun. They’re talking about how he didn’t do his job, and he needs to avenge his brothers death by hunting Charlie down and getting the book of the damned. He got them noticed by letting the janitor catch him. Once Elton leaves, Eli is talking to the scolding Cajun. The Cajun reminds him that it was once his job to hunt Charlie down, and how had he done? Not well.

Dean tells Sam that he looks like “crap on toast” and Sam can’t really argue. Dean asks if there’s a girl that he doesn’t know about. Yes, Dean, there really is. Sam avoids the question. Dean’s found the murder in Omaha and say that he and Sam should go check it out. Dean says that he’ll turn in and they’ll leave in the morning. Sam looks after him, poor thing. Lying to his brother. Such hard work.

Sam meets Charlie in the middle of nowhere, and asks her for help. She agrees, but says that the job would be easier with an actual copy of the Book of the Damned. Sam tells her that he never actually burned it. Charlie wants to know if Dean is angry, then clues in that Sam didn’t tell Dean. Stupid Winchesters, STOP KEEPING SECRETS FROM EACH OTHER. Charlie isn’t too keen on cracking the codex – and is even less so when he finds out that she’s working with a witch.

Rowena and Charlie love each other right off the bat. Note the sarcasm. Charlie tells Rowena that she’s not a witch – she’s a nerd. Sam’s got Charlie there because she’s got the tech ability to crack the code faster. Cas walks in, and Rowena asks whether he’s a nerd or a witch, to which he replies “angel”. Great,this is going to go well. Cas is the “referee” for Rowena and Charlie, and Sam begs them to get along for Dean’s sake. Cas and Charlie agree, Rowena says she barely knows him. Stupid witch.

Crowley’s playing darts… into a man’s chest. Two demons tell him that his mother’s missing. Crowley kills the man that tells him. “You’ve heard of killing the messenger?” He asks. The demon nods, and Crowley says not to come back without news of Rowena’s whereabouts.

Sam and Dean get themselves into the police station to view the footage that was captured of Elton jumping off the building. Sam slows the video down and sees Elton’s tattoo. They know that he’s a Stein. They leave quickly, and the man that shows them gets approached by Elton. He wants to know what the man told Sam and Dean. He says not much, the gets stabbed. Elton says he believes him.

Charlie and Rowena are still at each other’s throats. Cas comes in with snacks – including pork rinds – to try to make them stop arguing. Cas leaves the room soon after, and Charlie gets read by Rowena. She claims that they have nothing in common. Rowena talks about how they are, and Charlie says that they’re still completely different. Rowena apparently read Charlie like a book the moment she walked in. These two really need separate rooms. Gotta plan better next time, Sammy.

Dean’s telling Sam how it’s good that the Book of the Damned was  burned, so the Steins can’t get their hands on it. Sam agrees and changes the subject by asking how Dean is. Dean says that nothing’s out of the ordinary. Elton is trailing their car. And he does not look happy.

Dean picks up Sam’s phone. It’s Cas calling. Cas doesn’t know how to cover up, so he tells Dean that he wanted to check up on them and that the call was pointless. Dean doesn’t tell Sam that Cas called and instead asks Sam how Cas is doing. Sam says that he hasn’t talked to him for a while. Dean doesn’t seem too sure and Sam doesn’t help by quickly dismissing the conversation.

Crowley’s talking to the hamster Rowena turned another witch into a couple episodes ago. He says that he knows she’s annoying and blah, blah, blah. Crowley calls a demon in and gives him an assignment to hunt down a person. Uh oh.

Dean’s waking out of a pizza parlor and gets trapped by two cars. He tries to act civilized, but when Elton as well as the other guy get out of the car, he stops that. He kills him and Elton starts choking Dean. Oh jeez.  Charlie’s complaining that Rowena’s evil, and Cas says that she’s a wicked witch, so by definition she’s evil. Charlie wants out for a little while, because she doesn’t want to screw anything up and her brain is a wad of gummy worms.  Elton’s in handcuffs in the dungeon, and Dean’s interrogating him. Sam’s there for backup and Elton willingly gives away a lot of information. He tells Dean that he killed the girl and goes on to tell him that he family was part of a lot of terrible events in life. Sam gets a call and tells Cas he better hurry. Elton reveals that Stein isn’t really the family name, they’re really The House of Frankenstein. Charlie and Rowena are still screaming at each other, and Cas can’t handle it. Mary Shelley was apparently a family friend of them and no one believed her after she found out their secrets. Elton is telling Dean to give him the Book, and Dean says that the book was burned. Elton say that it has a spell on it and can’t be burned or destroyed. Sam hangs up and Dean’s standing there. He looks extremely p-o’d. There’s a bang and the boys run to the dungeon.  A pool of blood lines the floor and a forearm hangs from the single handcuff. “My god, he ripped it off,” Dean says.

Rowena doesn’t understand why Charlie needs “alone time”. Cas just leads her with her chains into another room. Rowena complains about Charlie, and says that when she has kids of her own that she’ll understand betrayl. Cas finds out that Rowena is Crowley’s mother. He says “that explains a lot”. Cas goes back to check on Charlie, and she’s not there. Uh oh.

Elton is leaning against a wall, his shirt stained with blood, and his arm missing. Eli gives him a tip as to where Charlie is – some hotel. Elton says that he’ll handle it.  Dean confronts Sam about the book not being able to be destroyed. Sam gets another call from Cas, and he says that he can’t find Charlie anywhere. Elton pounds on Charlie’s door right after she cracked the code, and he wants in. Dean can’t believe that Sam got Charlie involved. Charlie calls Sam in a panic that someone is trying to get into the room. She tells Sam where she is and is frantically uploading the files of the code. Dean takes the phone and tells her to give him whatever it is that he wants. Charlie says that she can’t do that, she sends the file of the code and closes her laptop. She swings her laptop and smashes it against the sink, Elton finds her in the bathroom. He tells her to give back what’s his family’s. Charlie pulls a dagger out. Elton smirks.

The Impala pulls up in front of the hotel and the boys enter the room, looking for Charlie. They go to the bathroom and Sam starts choking on his own breaths. Dean steps in front of Sam and his face drops. “Charlie?” He asks. Charlie’s lying in the bathtub, covered in her own blood and not breathing. Cut to credits.


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