Supernatural Recap – Form And Void

The calm city of Superior, Nebraska. A person is walking down the road. Someone is searching a hardware store, and the man continues walking down the street, black veins evident. An announcer begins speaking and the man walks jogs over to where the sound is coming from. An iPhone is playing an old show and Sammy boy asks if he wants to talk or if he’s too far gone. When the man doesn’t reply, Sam tazers him then says “good answer.”

Dean pulls up in front of Jenna’s grandma’s house. Jenna tells him some things that happened in her past (first kiss and lost virginity), and then Dean gets handed the baby. He’s adorable with it and blah, blah, blah, then Jenna goes into her grandma’s house. Grandma is being a grandma, and makes Jenna go to sleep for a nap while she takes care of the baby. She’s talking toe baby like every person is – high pitched and a tad bit annoying – and she lays the baby down to sleep. The baby squirms in her bed, staring at a bin labelled “baby stuff”. After staring at it for a while, the bin falls over.

Sam’s neck is still turning black and he wants to interrogate the monster he caught – who claims his name is “Bite Me”. They talk, and Bite Me wants Sam’s pudding to hold in his hands. He eats it quickly and disgustingly. The man got turned this morning, whereas Sam was turned the night before. They don’t understand why he’s farther along than Sam, because Sam’s had it longer. “If you were smart, you’d put a bullet in me. And then eat one yourself.” The man says. Sam just gives him a look.

Dean’s driving Baby and is trying to call Cas. The angels that took him captive smash the phone and then slap Cas to wake him up. Cas is still cursed and is trying to warn his brothers to run away from him.

A sound is heard while Jenna is sleeping, and she quickly wakes up and gets up. Grandma says it sounded “like a racoon” when they meet in the hallway. Another bang. Jenna says “that’s no racoon.” They enter the baby’s room and alphabet blocks are floating above the crib while the baby squirms. Blocks fly into the walls, spelling out ‘FEED ME.’ Oh god, the Cain baby is going to be an issue. The baby continues crying and Jenna starts going towards her. Grandma pulls her out of the room and says that the devil is in the child and she’s calling the father. Jenna says no. “Who’re we going to call?” Grandma asks. “Ghostbusters,” Dean answers the phone. He pulls a U turn as soon as he hears. He calls Sam up and tells him about the baby. The boys agree it sounds like something out of a horror movie.

Angels are still torturing Cas. One says how in an ideal world, “[he’d] take this blade, stick it in [Cas’] heart and call it a damn good day.” Castiel says: “Then do it.” He says that he’s just getting started with Cas.

Someone’s singing O Death in the hospital where Sam is. He approaches her with a gun in hand and she knows that he’s there without looking. He asks her how she knows him, and Sam finds out that she’s a reaper. Sam apologizes for being a part of killing her boss. The Reaper says that Sam and Dean aren’t going to die and come back anymore, because there’s a new death in town. And when one of them dies, they’re going to get dumped into the empty, “and no one comes back from that.” She says that she knows he’s dying, and that he’s not clean in the biblical sense. She says that she’ll see him soon and that “the name’s Billie, by way.”

The angels are still trying to make Castiel tell them where Metatron is, and they don’t believe that Metatron gave him the slip while powerless. A door is being busted in and a man steps forward. Cas immediately realizes that it’s Hannah. She gets rid of the angels and Castiel thanks her. “Don’t thank me yet, something’s happened.”

Sam looks once again at his neck. Then he makes his way to the chapel within the hospital. He begins confessing and saying how “Dean deserves a life” and he talks about the innocent people who are going to die. He asks God for a sign of hope, and nothing happens. Sam walks down the hall and is met with flashing images of himself being tortured. “What does that mean?!” He yells.

Dean asks where the baby is, and Jenna says that they have worse problems. She explains that Grandma is very Catholic so she called the reverend, who sent over an exorcist. Dean walks into the house to find Crowley there, sipping tea. “Hello, my son,” He says with a smirk. Crap. Crowley explains how the two of them know each other, and agrees to go talk with Dean outside after he’s finished his tea.

Cas says that it’s safer if he still has cuffs on. Hannah sits him down in a chair and tries to heal him. She can’t because the magic is too strong. Dean’s mad at Crowley, and Crowley says that he’s just working a case, just like Dean. Cas and Hannah are talking about the Darkness, and the baby starts crying. Cas says how the Darkness is a creation from the dawn of time, “and now it’s free”. They talk about how if the Darkness is really back, then this is the end. Cas wants to know how Hannah found him, she says she has sources. Father Crowley and Dean are talking and Crowley admits that he doesn’t think it’s a demon in there. Jenna’s humming to the baby, and Grandma is filling up a teapot. A thud happens from above.

Cas figures out what Hannah’s plan was the whole time; to get information. Hannah explains that they were friends before he freed Metatron, and that the other angels hate him. “I won’t give you Sam and Dean.” Cas says once the other angels return. He says that he’s going to, cause they’re going to probe his brain. Jenna walks into the kitchen with a blank look on her face, Grandma asks if she’s okay. Jenna grabs a knife and says she’s “always wanted to try this”. Grandma screams, Squirrel and Boris hear it from outside, come in the house and lord behold, Grandma’s dead. The plot thickens.

Cas begins fighting with the angels when they start beating Hannah up. Hannah and the two others are dead after the fight, and Cas just says “no” over and over again to himself. Uh oh. Not good. Please let this get better.

Glass smashes in slow motion, Sam’s condition is getting worse. Whispering of his name is heard, he tells himself that he’s fine. Billie’s words rattle through his head. He looks up ‘bible purification’ on google. Then starts a ritual as his vision is blurry and the voices are saying not to do this to himself. It looks like he’s roasting marshmallows, but the marks are gone once he’s done.

Dean and Crowley are walking through the house and Dean’s calling for Jenna. Crowley complains that he shouldn’t be letting them know that they’re coming. Dean says “Velma, this isn’t the Scooby Doo gang”, and Crowley is offended for good reason. (Because he’s much more of a Daphne.) Dean goes and sees the baby, and sees the Mark on her. Crowley comments that baby only likes him because of the fact that he’s very maternal. Dean covers the Mark up and says that they need to go find Jenna.

Sam plays music as three monsters walk through the hospital, and when they get close he lights a circle on fire. They choke and sputter but are eventually cured as well. Sam says they’re going to cure the rest.

Jenna is smashing porcelain angels on the ground that used to belong to her grandma. Jenna says “Don’t worry, she won’t care. I slit her throat.” Dean tries to stop her and they start fighting, meanwhile some freaky things are happening with the baby. She’s growing up. Oh gosh. Crowley kills Jenna and then says “you’re welcome”. Crowley wants the baby, so he slams Dean into a closet. Dean stabs him in the hand and goes to check on the baby who’s not in her crib anymore, and when he comes back Crowley isn’t there either. Jesus.

Sam and Dean walk into the bunker, talking about the Darkness. The books are stacked up all over the floor. They pull their guns out and step forward to see Cas lying on the floor, who asks them to help him.

The girl is walking down the street in a dress that reminds me of Lilith in her golden days. I shall call her Lilith 2.0 until we figure out whether or not she’s actually the Darkness or not. A van pulls up beside her and Crowley steps out, marvelling at how she’s grown. He slide the side door open of the dark van, a family sits inside. “Want some candy, little girl?” He asks. She sees the family and grins, Crowley smirks. Cut to credits.

We are so screwed.

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