#Supernatural Recap – Safe House


Bobby and Rufus are back in this action packed, true to it’s roots episode of Supernatural after it’s March break. Let’s get to it, hunters.


Grand Rapids, Michigan. A woman complains that her house is more of a fixer-upper than she expected. A little girl screams, the woman runs up to her room. The girl says she heard footsteps and complains that it’s cold in her room. The mom goes to get her a glass of water, then the lights turn off. The girl goes under the bed, and a gnarly hand grabs her from under the bed. She screams.

Sam introduces the case to Dean and the FBI interview the woman. She explains what happened. Dean asks to look at the house, she tells the boys where the key is. The woman covers the girl’s bruised ankle with her blanket. A neighbour calls Sam and Dean over, and she tells them that the FBI came to the house a few years before.

Rufus and Bobby check out the house many years before. Rufus explains what’s going on, Bobby gets offended. “I’m supposed to be your friggin’ backup?” Bobby snaps. The same woman questions men and she wants to know what kind of official business they’re on. “Officially none of your damn business,” Rufus says rudely and the two walk into the house with them complaining.

The boys EMF the house, it goes nuts. Dean suggests that they look in Bobby’s journals. Bobby and Rufus interview a woman, whose kid has the same injuries as the girl in present day. The boys book a hotel that Bobby and Rufus stayed in. The parallels continue to play, Sam reads Bobby’s journal. “Grand Rapids, Michigan, possible case with jackass,” Sam narrates. Dean wants to wrap the case up quickly, saying it should be fine and that Rufus and Bobby didn’t argue like the boys were. Which, long story short, they were.

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The “Old Men of Letters” go to the graveyard, digging so that they can burn bodies and end the ghost.Rufus gets to digging after Bobby forces him to. He admits that he was sleeping in his car because he wants to find a way to save “his boys”. Rufus gives him the “you can’t save everyone” speech. The boys hit already ashes body number two, and question what they’re hunting. The woman from the start gets attacked.

Dean’s talking on the phone outside the woman’s room. Another woman comes to see; says that she met two FBI agents before in an event similar. She says that the other case ended when the two victims just woke up the next day. The boys interview the Mom in the first case. She said that while in her coma, she had a nightmare. First she was alone, then she saw things – a dead husband, spirits. The woman said that she wanted to move on, so she tried to sell the house but the market crashed. She wanted to move badly, so she just rents now.


The boys go back to the house, and find the ripped wallpaper. They don’t recognize the sigil. Research commences in both parallels. Bobby figures out the sigil and the villain – the Soul Eater. It apparently makes a “nest” in the house. Sam explains that they can extract the victims souls and bring them to the nest. The bodies wither and then the Soul Eater moves to the next house. Bobby says that he thinks he’s faced one before. Dean explains that Bobby went in, guns blazing. Bobby admits he could feel the badness in the house. He shows Rufus the sigil that’s supposed to trap monsters. He said the house went back to normal after the sigil was done. Rufus asks if he actually trapped the Soul Eater. Dean and Sam figure out that the sigil was holding the Soul Eater and when Mary tried to redecorate. They research the Soul Eater and find a better sigil – one side has to be in the house, the other in the nest. Dean calls not it, but they play rock, paper, scissors and Dean loses. The boys hear footsteps and get to work. Dean walks around upstairs. Bobby and Rufus hear footsteps and Bobby walks upstairs. The footsteps stop on both ends. “Come and get me, you son of a b*tch,”Dean says. “Stay away from me, you son of a b*tch,” Bobby says. They both get knocked over and taken to the nest.

Dean stands up, calling for Sam. He pushes the door open, Sam is dead on the floor. Dean closes his eyes and Sam disappears. Bobby stands up, calling for Rufus. Sam and Dean are dead on the staircase. They disappear, and Bobby finds the kid from his case. Bobby asks him if anyone else is there. “You mean the sad people?” The kid asks, pointing out that they’re behind him. Bobby can’t see them, but says that he’s going to help the kid. Rufus finds Bobby on the floor, and goes back to painting.


Sam drags Dean down to where he is. The boys both paint, Dean gets interrupted by Kat. She says that she can’t see her mom, because it’s too crowded. Dean says he can’t see anyone. “You will soon,” Kat says. Bobby soon sees the “sad people” and gets possessed. Rufus threatens him with rock salt. Kat says Dean’s drawing is pretty, and that she doesn’t like it there. He explains that Sam is painting too. Kat says there’s more and Dean gets possessed. He wakes up in reality. “I can’t let you finish that finger painting,” He says, punching Sam.

Sam gets thrown against a sink. “I’ll protect you from the Darkness,” Dean the Soul Eater says. The soul eater tries to lure Sam into his nest with the idea of protection and the thought of Dean taking Amara’s side at some point. Dean pulls a knife as Bobby and Rufus fight. Sam yells at him to stop. Rufus finishes the painting and Bobby wakes up. Sam hits Dean with and chair and finishes right before Dean can hit him. Dean wakes up in the nest and sees Bobby before he comes back to reality. Both Rufus and Sam hold their no longer possessed compadre. “I gotcha,” Sam says, holding Dean.

Bobby puts wallpaper up over the sigil as he gets a phone call. Rufus says that everyone is alive and happy. Bobby isn’t happy though,  Rufus asks him what he saw. He tells him that he saw his boys dead, Rufus gives him a pep-talk ending with a certain someone calling him an idjit. Mary calls the boys and Sam tells her that everything is okay. Bobby walks out and goes to write in his journal, when Dean calls him with a case pertaining to Lilith. The boys walk out, and say that they’re going to get drunk and not remember anything that happened. When in the car, Dean tells Sam that he saw him dead. Sam says that they’re lives are so messed up that he kind of finds that comforting. Dean grunts and drives away from the house.



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