Supernatural Recap – Thin Lizzie

A moon peers through a window in Fall Rivers, Massachusetts. A couple talks about how the hotel they’re in is creepy. The man starts playing music and the lights start flickering, eventually going out. The door opens slightly, and when the dude opens the door fully, nothing is there. He turns around to look at his girlfriend and a hooded figure holds an axe. The girl gets axed, then shortly after the man does too.

Sam and Dean talk about a possum-meat-eating-slaughter and then about the axe murders. It was at a bed and breakfast and museum, home to Lizzie Bordon. Dean asks what they’re going to do with Cas, Sam says that he’s binge-watching The Wire, and he just started season 2. Dean says “oh yeah, he’s not going to be out of there for a while”.

The boys come to the hotel, and then try to ask the clerk for information, he wants to be bribed. After getting yelled at by his mother, the man gets paid by Sam for the room that the couple died in. When they enter the room, Dean claims that he’s going to throw up because of all the doilies. Sam wants to stay in the original Lizzie Bordon room, so he wants Dean to get another room. Sam pulls out the EMF reader and it’s going berserk. Blah blah blah, Winchester sass, and Dean stops out of the room because he smells like Grandma. Sam goes to investigate with his EMF going crazy, he lock picks his way into a room. Dean finds some cheap souvenirs, and the lights start flickering. Nothing happens, but some creepy weird photographer is standing outside taking pictures. Dean tries to get his attention, but the man sees him and runs away.

Sam’s waking around with a flashlight and a pole of some kind, one can only guess it’s iron. Sam comes back into the room and says that there’s no Lizzie in the attic, and that the EMF reader shut up after he turned off a machine. Dean found sound recordings and a device that makes the lights flicker. Sam doesn’t understand how the couple got axed, Dean says that they should Sherlock it over beer and a lobster roll, and that he needs to get out of the “doily coffin”.

The clerk mother is turning off all the lights for the night, holding a candle. Long story short, she gets axed in her bedroom. Blood splatter lands on the bed. She lays on the ground, Dean looks at her and goes “nice” when he sees the body. Sam introduces himself as an FBI agent and the clerk says that he wasn’t an agent earlier. Sam quickly covers up that he and his partner were undercover. They talk and Dean introduces himself as “Agent Gabriel” (foreshadowing, writers? Pretty please?). They say that the photographer is harmless, and is just obsessed with ghosts.

In the Impala, the boys get a call and are told by the agent that there’s been another victim. A babysitter went outside and saw the father murdered. Sam talks to the babysitter, and the mom walks in and immediately asks her if her son saw anything. The girl says no, and then the mom kicks Sam out.

Dean is in Lenny the photographer’s house, and he has a Lizzie Bordon mannequin. Lenny and Dean talk about whether or not he’s actually gotten a picture of Lizzie. He says no, but he’s seen her. Lenny says that he’s actually not allowed to be there, and that there’s a restraining and gag order against him for the hotel. He also says that he was supposed to do a live chat and yells that he’s not “Lizzie CNN”. Dean quips that he “wouldn’t know why anyone thought that”. Sam talks to the agent and how the wife didn’t seem too upset.

Dean sees that there’s a piece of paper with the Mark. He asks Lenny where he got it. Lenny explains that he saw Amara at the hotel and that they talked serial killers, and Dean looks freaked out about the fact that he saw Amara. Lenny says that he needs to see Amara, and Dean asks why. Lenny got a part of him eaten by Amara – and it looks a lot like angel grace. Lenny wants to find her so that he can be who he was again, and Dean leaves the house. He calls Sam and tells him the dealio. Then he informs Sam that she’s like 12 now, and Sam freaks out. Dean says that he thinks that she ate Lenny’s soul.

The boys talk about Amara and her soul-eating frenzy. Dean says that they can’t kill Lenny because he hasn’t done anything yet, Sam says that they want to save people and not kill them. Dean says that Sam has to tell Lenny that his soul was sucked out. They argue about who should tell him, and then agreed that they just shouldn’t tell him. Sam tells Dean about the Mom who didn’t have a reaction to her husbands death. He hypothesises that she lost her soul and picked up an axe.

Sam called Sydney, the babysitter, and asked if she knew where the Mom could be. After some hesitation, she gives Sam a possible location with a “special friend” of the Mom. Lenny won’t shut up in the backseat of the Impala. Dean gets annoyed and gets out. He handcuffs Lenny to the side of the car and tells him straight up that he doesn’t have a soul. Sam scolds him, “Dean, do you want to be a little more blunt?” The boys talk, and Lenny says that it feels better to know. The boys go to the house.

Dean looks in the window and says that something happened, he picks the lock. The boys walk through the house and Dean finds the “special friend” and the Mom murdered in the basement. He gets knocked out. Sam finds Jordy in the closet and tries to help him. Jordy screams and Sam looks behind him. Babysitter Sydney’s got a shotgun. Sam grimaces.

Sydney slowly comes into focus. “Oh, thank god. I though you were dead,” Sydney quips. She says that she’s surprised that she bagged both of them. She says that they’ll be offerings to her new friends. Dean infers that her new friend is Amara. Sydney tells them that she got pretty drunk and met up with Amara outside of the bar. Amara advises Sydney not to drive, and then tells her that she’s going to help her. Amara takes her hand and Sydney starts laughing, claiming that she felt like “ecstasy, orgasms and chocolate cake!” She said that Amara was an angel, and Amara got mad and ate her soul.

Sydney compares life with Amara as like an iced tea commercial. She’s still on a high from Amara, and the boys are trying to stall so that they can free their hands from the bindings that Sydney’s tied around them. She says how she saved Jordy from his meth dealing dad and his slut of a mom. Sam asks how Amara’s going to get there, and Sydney says that she prayed. Amara’s close. Sam gets free from his bindings and Sydney takes a shot at him. Sam managed to duck before she shot. Sydney stares in Sam’s direction. Sam feels his chest, nothing’s there. Sydney falls to the ground, and Lenny is standing there with an axe. “Oh my gosh, I just did that,” He says, a stunned look in his eyes.

Sam walks out of the house to sit with Jordy. He asks if Jordy has any family he can stay with, Jordy didn’t reply. Sam tells his story about John and Mary in his life. He says that people can help him. “There’s Aunt Cathy, she comes at Christmas,” Jordy says.

Lenny says that he mauled his hand out of the cuff, and that he wanted to see if he could do it. Dean says that “that’s worrisome”. Lenny says that he felt no remorse for killing Sydney, and starts talking about how he will kill again, and he can feel it in his bones. Lenny says that Dean should kill him, Dean refuses. Lenny comes up with the plan to plead guilty to all of the murders, that way he can’t get out. Dean sees a shred of hope.

The boys are having a chick flick moment again. They’re talking about the Darkness while eating burgers and drinking what looks like milkshakes. They talk about Sydney, and how murderers shouldn’t be too hard to find. They drive away, and through the forest emerges Amara. She’s smiling, watching the Impala. “Bye Dean, I’ll see you soon.” She says, waving.




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